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oil leaking, running down inside of tyre


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got a leak, thick black oil runing down the inside of a tyre. break disk covered in it and getting a puddle on the floor when left..

ive checked the axle oil level and seems to be full, also checked the break fluid also full. im thinking its an oil seal on the bearings and its greese leaking when getting hot and not oil..

the hub dosent seem to get hot when driving, and its been slowly leaking for about a week..

what do you think


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yes thats what im going to do, i already bought a complete set of bearings and all the bits and bobs a few weeks ago to do all 4 corners, just not go round to doing them yet. im pretty sure thats the problem anyway but always nice to get others views.

ive been through a lot of deep water the last few months..

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As it is a back wheel it can't be the swivels or the power steering. It looks as if your inner oil seal has gone, which is allowing oil through from the diff to the wheel bearings. This is no bad thing as your wheel bearings will last for ever, as on a Series. In fact, I have deliberately destroyed the inner seals to get oil to the wheel bearings on my Defender. BUT if the outer seal goes you get EP90 on the disk etc. So change the seal as you are going to do. I see you have bought the bearings - unless you have had water in there or they are very old they normally just need adjusting. Put grease in there - it will make a nice mix with the oil.

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