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Part No Request

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I can't seem to find this in my parts cat.

I'm looking for the lock washer you bend over the nut that holds the drop arm on.

Mine, despite the lock washer, works loose every once in a while, so I thought I'd replace the washer, clean it up and maybe loctite it too.

oh, this is the 4 bolt box.

anyone see it in RAVE or microcat?

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you won't find any part numbers in RAVE cos it's the workshop manual.


600265 for 48mm shaft ( & also for the Adwest manual steering box)


STC874 for 60mm shaft

both for Adwest 4 bolt power steering boxes.

EPC triumph's again :i-m_so_happy:

Thanks Ralph. The threaded portion of the shaft is 22mm, so what size shaft is that?

I can see 600265 in my catalog, but it only has 1 tab.

What's fitted to my truck has 3 tabs, 2 that bend up either side of the drop arm, and 1 down over the nut.

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hmm, thats odd..

Microcat just give 600265 for all adwets and AEU4025 for gemmer..

Possibly someone has use one of 'its on the floor, looks like it'll fit' washers ;)

...that washer should be bent over the nut surely, hence the lock tab name.. or have i just got bad eyesight..!

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