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Truck Cab Window


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My sliding windows are rattling beyond belief. It's got to the point where I have got a blob of mastic to stop the noise but that hasn't cured it completely.

Looked in the paper catalogue but can't see if the slider/seal it sits in is available. And has anyone done this job? Is it a real pig or a 10 min job.

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ah I see mwc7652 is the vertical seal on the window, and as you say mwc7620 is the felt. mwc7652 dosent show up on

Body & Chassis>Body>Cab Body Panel Rear page. still getting used to searching for parts using epc. Cheers western

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I did mine last summer, took about 40 minutes or so.

I did it without removing the glass or any of the trim, its a bit fiddly.

If yours is rotted like mine, whats left comes out fairly easily using a small flat screwdriver.

Move the glass fully open in both directions to do this.

Then carefully fold the end of the flat felt strip in half ( like a U shape )and feed in under the bottom of the glass, by moving the glass back and forth its possible to move it along to the end of the channel. The edge of the felt tucks under a lip in the channel, you will see what I mean when you look at the channel.

Work round the end, up the side and begin along the top, at this point measure what is require to finish and cut.

Fit the top in the same manner as the bottom, once in place use a tube of rubber based adhesive with a fine nozzle, carefully work along between the felt and alloy channel to secure in place (use a small screwdriver to help). Then do the other side.

Its really not that bad a job, and doesn't rattle at all once completed :) .

The felt is expensive for what it is - £16.00 + vat for along strip. I got mine from Bear Mach in Maidstone pt No.MWC7620.

Hope this helps


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