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Rear silencer replacment

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1995 300tdi Defender 90.

I need to replace the rear silencer.

It looks like its been on for a while maybe from new, not sure.

I can get one from Paddocks for £53 delivered or I can get one fitted locally for £ 110.

How easy are they to split from the middle box if its been on a while.

Anyone with experience doing this?



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My 2p: pay the extra and get a Genuine one if you plan to keep the vehicle. Why?

1) It will last twice as long as any non genuine one the exhaust on my old old 90 (also 1995MY) didn't need replacing till it was 9 years old which is good going by any standards

2) it will fit! I couldn't get a genuine centre silencer when I did finally change mine, so had to buy a cheapie. It was four bolts and 2 rubber mounts and it took me over two hours to fit. None of the mounts were in the right place, the pipe was the wrong length overall by nearly an inch which distorted the rest of the mounts when I eventually managed to force it into place after beating seven shades of sh*& out of it with a sledgehammer to "modify" the mountings. And this was with a 4 post lift to work on...

I have done similar jobs with genuine parts in about 20 minutes. Never going to buy another non gen exhaust again.

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Undo the bolts (I think on a 300 the bolts are captive so you can't just chop them off and change them, lots of WD40 and patience may be required!) and give it a sharp whack with a hammer and it will probably fall apart :)

mine did anyway...

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Quite agree, did a 110 300 Tdi a few weeks back, I got new rubber hangers and I have a de-walt 18v impact wrench which undid the nuts on the join in 30 seconds.

There is a natural join and it should only take about 15-20 mins for the whole process...

If your in Kent, we could even sort something out to show you how its done !

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