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Retro 200TDi chaps I need you

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Got a 200TDi 110 or 90? (pre-defender)

Mine 110 has a 200TDi and a TD exhaust, the bracket between the exhaust and engine block has busted. I bought a new bracket but it doesn't line up. It may be that the exhaust is miles adrift being a cheapo repro jobby but it doesn't seem so.

Can you chaps photograph yours so I can see how yours fits? I think mine may have been a botch job when the 200TDi was fitted.

I may just have to go over to a 200 TDi exhaust and have done with it I think, which is a bit annoying as the exhaust is newish. :(

Ta in anticipation...

Will :)

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Guest dew110CSW

I have some TD engined Exhaust pictures I took a while ago here that might just help for reference, these were of the area where the exhaust and Gearbox come close but they may just help you.










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the correct 200Tdi downpipe fits, mine has one [ex-2.5TD] :D the U shaped bracket just bolts to the block without any other bits in between.

Same as mine Ralph - I have a complete TD system on mine, including the downpipe. Bolts straight to the block.


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