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Transfer box

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I have a vibration on my Defender TD5 at about 25mph and again at about 48mph. I checked underneath and everything seems OK but there is a bit of lateral play in the bearing at the rear of the front propshaft. (I think this is the transfer box?) I took it in to the dealer but they said a bit of play was "normal" and as it is not leaking any oil then it was OK.

It feels like propshaft imbalance, but the dealer said they ran it with just the rear propshaft on/just the front one on and it made no difference. At first they said it might be the transfer box but then they decided there was nothing wrong.

The vibration is a low frequency one and is not through the steering, it's like on a car where you leave the sunroof open and it causes a pressure wave inside the vehicle.

Anybody got any ideas as to what it could be? Or is it just a feature of the Defender...the one they lent me (which had done 5000 miles) wasn't much different.

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No the vibration remains when the clutch pedal is pressed down.

Well then it is unlikely to be the flywheel. I'd be inclined to go with BMs suggestion first.

Try swapping the wheels front to back and see if there's any change.

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