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300 tdi starter solenoid wiring

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Driving home ,the exhaust manifold heat shield fell off and shorted out the starter solenoid .

The first I knew was when I parked up smoke came from under the bonnet.

The smoke stopped,then the starter started spinning like mad,but not engaged.

I ran around frantically trying to find a spanner to disconnect the battery,which eventually I did and stopped the starter.

After removing the offending heat shield,I tried to start the motor again,but now the starter is peranently engaged,and once started will only stop if i disconnect it from the battery.It does this whether started through the ignition switch,or with the solenoid wire removed and shorted directly from thr battery cable.

Related but separate is the fact that the red and white solenoid operating wire is now live in all ignition switch positions except off.Surely it should only be live in the 'cranking' position?

So it would apear that I have damaged the starter/solenoid,and the ignition switch.Is this possible,or likely.

I will take the starter off in the morning and have a look.Any suggestion greatfully recieved.Especially relating to the solenoid wire.Is this wire on a relay,or directly through the ignition switch?

Oh,its a 300tdi defender.

Thanks, Jerry.

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check the solenoid terminals aren'tbent & touching each other. the starter is operated via a relay.

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Disconnect the solenoid wire and reconnect the battery. If the terminal becomes live, the solenoid has shorted out internally. If the terminal is dead and the wire is live, then the wire has either melted to another live wire, or your ignition switch is damaged.


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