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Alloy vs Steelie - Weight Difference


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Can anyone tell me what the weight difference is between the average alloy wheel (say a freestyle) and a steel rim (say a wolf rim)?

These are weighed on bathroom scales so take with a pinch of salt. My wolfs weighed 15kg but wolf wheels are heavy. I have some performance TX alloys 8" and they weigh 10kg on same scales, according to scrapiron they are 9.8kg. I have 7 wheels so I saved 35kg and the tyres are now 1" wider as the rim is 1.5" wider so they look a bit better too. Be careful with alloys on a 110 ( I know the vehicle in your avatar is not a 110) as they are not all designed to carry the weight. the TX alloys are rated at 1400kg. So I have nearly answered 1/2 your Q.


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I have a Freestyle at work looking for a 2nd hand BFG MT as an extra spare, so I will weigh it later if I get a chance... they are definitely lighter than steels though, I changed the other one for a Disco steel which I was using as the spare, last week, and the difference in weight is noticeable when you lift them.

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