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Gearlever vibrating heavily


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Propshaft bearings are a weakness on all Freelanders and while I have driven many with the fault (which usually shows itself as a loud "rubbing" noise from under the floor) I can't say I have noticed gear lever vibration in any of them. Not to say it isn't the prop but the symptoms aren't familiar - mind you the road speeds here are lower so I might not have noticed it as you'd get nicked for doing 60mph :)

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I've had a couple at work with this exact problem. Most noticeable accelerating 60-70mph, the gear lever vibrates a lot, moving left to right, like you say, and you can feel a vibration through the seat/floor. I found a front driveshaft cured it on both vehicles, slight play in the inner cv joint on one, couldnt feel play in the other but it fixed it!

Have a look at the front driveshaft cv joints, its the first time i've seen the fault but apparently we've done a few for the problem.

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eventually i looked at the shafts at the front and one of the cv belows is torn, maybe due the vibrations in the same driveshaft too, but i have to dismantle to see what there is.....how much would a drive shaft/cv cost in UK?

Cu Luwts

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