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CV trouble

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I recently stumbled upon a spare front axle, its a 1996 300tdi defender front axle with vented discs but i have a problem with one of the output shafts. I thought it may have been the drive flange having its thread stripped but it turns out it is the CV shaft thats got ruined splines.

Now i am planning on fixing it but i am unsure how and which part i need to buy, can anyone help?

Also is it worth buying the cheaper pattern parts or is my money better going on a Hardy spicer or similar, which are double the cheaper ones.

Any info and help.....please.



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just replacement CVs and hub drive member gasket, plus the lock tab washer for when redo the bearings. if bearing are suspect i would change them and the rear disk oil seal at the same time.

Any chance of a quick qalk through of changing a CV??

Just which bits i need to remove, i am sure i could work it out but just havent got time to look at it at the mo, also unsure which CV i need.

Thanks again

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