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Propshaft UJ

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Hello, first post and it's a question I'm afraid! Changing the UJ's on the rear propshaft of my 110 300 Tdi all was going straightforwardly until I came to fit the replacements. The ones I'd ordered were the same as my mate has in his 1997 110 CSW, but on the existing ones (on the right hand side) the bearing faces are longer...?


My 110 is a Special Vehicles build heavy duty spec but I'd thought the only differences were the chassis and the suspension. Do you think I've a non-standard rear propshaft on here? Any idea of the correct part number for the UJ?



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there are two different UJ sizes. small on LHS and large on RHS, your obviosuly has the large ones on the RHS which mean they prob have a better angle of movement as well, IME the larger ones were fitted to wider angled props.

my 90 had large UJ on the front and small UJs on the rear!

my td5 has small ones alround.

Just change them for large ones.

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