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Disco reshape


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Thats looking like a great improvement Russ. Whats the plan for a rear window ?

Sorry i couldn't make it up to help you today :rolleyes:

toying with the idea of using the rear door, or I may fit a defender sliding side window,

but i will sort that out when i have welded the roof up :D

no worries about not making it today, there is always next weekend ;)

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Weyhey, well done mate. No going back now. I reckon you will find it much easier to make a flat bulkhead and stick a 90 sliding window in it (like I did) than trying to fit the rear door back in. Will give it more structural integrity too.

Keep the pics coming

Yeah i reckon it will also be easier to do,

Mark, i`ve got the biscuits in ;) ready for when you want to come over and look, talk and eat my biscuits

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If you work as fast as me you better check they have a good long use-by-date on them :D :D :D :D :P :P

hopefully I can get over when things quieten down here after the backlog of livestock can be shifted

work fast, it took me 2 days to look at the windows, the 2 days to remove them.

Mark, your always welcome bring the tray back, give my neighbours something to talk about :D

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not much. been busy doing work stuff.

all I have managed to squeeze is was cutting the lower rear panel piece, the new floor panel,

oh and why are brake hoses attracted to angle grinders?

Not Xactly sure but think it has something to do with the bend moment deflection rate being compromised by the rotational power curve that is increased by overamping of the index trigger. This can be counteracted by reducing magnetic the flow rate that is derived from overactive adrenalGlands.

Alternativly remove the plug. A good grind is better than………………………………… :ph34r:

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well gents its been raining most weekends, so not much done

completly rebushed the suspension (thanks to landrover598)

rebuilt rear cross member

fitted guardian rear bumper

fitted -2" rear shock mounts

fitted new rear shocks

fitted axle breathers

made some heavy duty cills/rockslider


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