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Reverse wire?


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Original '88 TD 90.

changed the bulkhead and now the reverse light doesn't work. the issue IS in the plug from the wires on the back of the gearbox to the multiplug on the engine side of the bulkhead.

in other words over the 3mth period i took to change the bulkhead i forgot where the wires were meant to go, so they aren't connected properly.

Does anyone know where (ie which plug/leads and where it is, what it looks like) the two wires that come off the back of the G box reverse switch positon locater should attach to the main vehicle loom?

thank you in advance

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the switch wires connect ---

green/yellow to green/brown

green to green

at the bulkhead find the rubber connector that has these going into it [haven't listed all the wires in the plug as I can't remember all of them]





connect the reverse switch green to the green & the green/brown to it's matching single bullet connector also green/brown.

had to play with my reverse light/switch wiring this afternoon, so this is hot of my memory banks :D

Next time you'll label everything :P

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I'll add a photo when home from work later.

photo of connector & reverse light wires [green & green/brown tracer] as promised :D

the green & green/brown wrapped together go to the reverse light switch on the gearbox, the lower green/brown runs to the rear of the vehicle & reverse lights

hth :D


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Had a look today, photos were a bonus Ralph (thank you) they confirmed that i HAD actually got it right! (lord knows how) anyway it seems the reverse switch into the G box is knackered.

No continuity across it when in reverse regardless of how far its screwed in.

if i bypass the switch and connect the wires together - the light comes on!

So new switch ordered.

next question is how far do you screw the switch in?

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Guest diesel_jim
next question is how far do you screw the switch in?

select reverse,

wind the switch in, say half a turn at a time, and after each turn, stick a meter (or connect the reverse light connections) and see it the switch has "made", once it has, you could go another 1/4 or 1/2 turn just to be sure, then lock off the lock-nut.

don't wind it in too far otherwise reverse won't engage properly, or the detent spring things might not "click" properly, and it'll ping out of reverse.

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