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disco turbo and manifold


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James is correct. If you want to fit a Def intake manifold/turbo/exhaust bits then you have to change the whole front of the engine. Unless you have an uprated turbo or a special it's probably not worth the effort in my opinion. All the bits are avail easily. Tming chest is about 140 ish and the alt bracket 70 if you buy new. Trying to source all the bits second hand takes time and patience.

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I have not long done this, as I was silly and purchased my 90 and after 3 day's drove it through 4ft of water without checking the snorkel :huh:

Anyway I got hold of a 200Tdi from disco, and tried fitting and soon found out oh sugar this is going to be fun, so we removed the front case and swapped it over, but then it would not line up with the gearbox, so beware of the stud placements, I think we changed everything in the end and just kept the disco block.

I know there are conversion kits for the exhaust, someone will give you the name of them, but the main bit of advice I would use is keep it as original as possible.

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Other option is to fit a 300tdi turbo.

It bolts straight on you just have to change some of the manifold studs out for longer ones.

The problems are:

The manifold will foul the oil dipstick, just bend it and it will fit

The exhaust is now directly over the engine mount. I cut and welded the 200tdi disco exhaust outlet and made it fit.

I did this about a year ago and it goes fine, the only problems I have had is with the exhaust and thats due to my dodgy fitting the first time round and has now been fixed.

I left the boost standard for a 300tdi so slightly high for a 200tdi.

Mostly this was done as I had a spare 300 manifold sitting around and was trying to make it easy, didn't work out easy but once I started fitting it though I may as well finish.

The origional 200tdi turbo is now in Honiton Hobbits shed, which come to think of it he still owes me for! <_<

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