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  1. What you would end up with would legally either be a 110 with a series body or require an SVA and a Q plate reg, you would very definitely lose the series 1 identity on the V5. If you want a 110 then you would be much better off selling the series 1 and buying a 110, I expect there would be someone on here willing to do a trade, as Fridge says even a crappy series 1 is worth pretty serious money.
  2. Aluminium powder needs to be treated with some degree of caution anywhere, in the wrong (or right depending on what you are doing) conditions it is highly reactive. Other than just iron oxide it can be blended with other commonly available ingredients and greatly increase the the power of an explosion, not going to list what or I will be describing how to manufacture explosives but I expect many people will know what they are anyway, one was demonstrated spectacularly fairly recently!. Making explosives is easy (and highly illegal), I worked on a mine and did it legally, setting them off more
  3. To envision what is happening with a triangular shock arrangement take and elastic band and stretch it between two finger and your thumb on one hand, the two fingers are the chassis mounts so keep them the same distance apart and move your thumb up and down. The elastic in the sections going round your thumb will change length just as shock absorbers do, they will also change angle at the top and bottom (chassis and axle) on a vehicle this will be taken up by the shock bushes. Hope that makes sense, I have always found it easier to envision things or explain them with an actual example.
  4. Not seen the clip but be very careful using sand, there is a reason garnnet is used in these unit and supplied as media, not sure if silica based blasting media can be bought but I expect any that is would be for controlled industrial use or inside cabinets. Silica dust (quartz based sand) can be inhaled and once in the lungs can result in silicosis of the lungs, this is serious just goggle it for details, in the mining industry dry drilling was banned or strongly controlled quite some time ago. Face masks can be used but they need to be good quality ones (canister filter type) as the inh
  5. That was pretty much my understanding, if the chassis has never been registered on another vehicle and is the same type then all is good if it has it remains the first vehicle and you would be building a vehicle onto it. From a slightly more pragmatic view in this case as most new chassis don't have chassis numbers stamped into them if this has never been done then no one is actually going to know it has been on another vehicle, if it does have a number stamped on it then you would need to change the V5 to reflect this new number which is likely to cause problems with the DVLA as above. R
  6. Not going to pretend to have any legal knowledge but is there any case for things to be automatically cancelled if they fail to reply or provide information within a given time frame?. Potentially you might be able to take them to the small claims court to reclaim any costs but I doubt it would be worth it and if they can suggest they were doing all they could in the circumstances you may not win anyway. I am in a similar situation with TNT, got a delivery from China in January, got sent the invoice for the VAT and duty in Febuary and paid it, March they send me another bill for the
  7. What you need to put the base back in is one of these 😁. Tighten the bolts and relieve the stress on the circlip and it comes out or goes back in much easier. The grease nipple would need to be fitted after the circlip but that should be no issue. As regards pumping grease in, is it possible the spring is compressing the ball into the bearings enough that the grease isn't getting past to grease the top part?, might be worth seeing if you can move the joint about a bit whilst putting grease in and see if that helps.
  8. When I was driving mining trucks they had disc brakes but for normal use we had a retarder brake which I think worked via shutting off the exhaust which was operated via a lever on the steering column, if you used the foot brake heading underground it didn't take long for the front brakes to overheat and catch fire. Going down was normally about 30-45minutes at 40mph (top gear with engine on the limiter) which was an experience until you got used to it, in places there was less then a foot of clearance over head and on either side and lots of twists and turns, up could take 2 hours if loaded h
  9. Sometimes they can get a bit silly but quite entertaining, A while back at work I got called to come up to run a TBT to discuss a JSA and RA and requirement of a PTW for loading a RA in a LWD tool. Obvious to me but since the tannoy for me literally called it out as above it would have actually been easier to say it in full!
  10. For follow up parts it would be good to know what caliper, pads and disc's are used, they don't look like LR items although I could be wrong. Custom parts are fine but can cause issue later when pads etc are not longer available depending on where they are from.
  11. Wheels wear out after a time and lots of use, for normal cars the loads are low enough its rarely a problem, in your case as others have said it is likely to be because at some point they have been fitted badly and driven on, the wheel is now scrap, I think I would scrap the nuts as well. On HGV's with higher loads and higher mileages than normal cars it is fairly common for fitters to check the size of the bolt holes in the wheel each time a wheel is removed for any reason, the have "go / no go" gauges to do this (I made a batch for a local workshop a few years ago), a fail and the wheel
  12. From my trips to the US and working with US people, as said it is a big cultural thing, there is a historical element of the citizens being able to over throw a corrupt or controlling government, US civil war wasn't that long a go, there have also been several workers risings where armed workers have stood up to exploitation which amounted to almost slave labour by employers, often the same employers were the government of the time in that area and used military forces to support personal gain. This type of thing hasn't happened in the UK for a very long time, as a separate point the original
  13. You always have to be careful looking at any statistics, if they are come from other countries you need to be even more careful. A higher rate of testing will result in more positive cases being diagnosed for people who only have mild symptoms, if you only test those admitted to hospital (as per UK until recently) then you are only testing those who are already in a bad way so the apparent death rate per positive test is significantly higher. Even death numbers can be affected by the way results are recorded, are you counting those who die WITH the virus or OF the virus, in the extreme s
  14. I am sat at home at the moment waiting on a decision on whether I will be needed for work, a lot of others will be doing the same I know, except I live in Devon but for work I need to fly to Aberdeen (not allowed to drive at all by company rules, got to be public transport so taxi then train, bus, flight another taxi, hotel over night, taxi, then helicopter) and then fly in a very cramped helicopter for several hours with a bunch of other guys who will have also come from all over the country, not the best of situations. My more major concern if it happens will be coming home and potentially b
  15. If you have more time to look around then the table off an industrial milling machine is great if a bit heavy. T slots for bolting things down, flatter than most other surfaces even when old and you would need to work hard to break it!. The one I got was 50” by 12” and free as a friends work was scrapping the machine, not sure what it weighs but I had to use the engine crane to move it😁.
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