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  1. Sometimes they can get a bit silly but quite entertaining, A while back at work I got called to come up to run a TBT to discuss a JSA and RA and requirement of a PTW for loading a RA in a LWD tool. Obvious to me but since the tannoy for me literally called it out as above it would have actually been easier to say it in full!
  2. For follow up parts it would be good to know what caliper, pads and disc's are used, they don't look like LR items although I could be wrong. Custom parts are fine but can cause issue later when pads etc are not longer available depending on where they are from.
  3. Wheels wear out after a time and lots of use, for normal cars the loads are low enough its rarely a problem, in your case as others have said it is likely to be because at some point they have been fitted badly and driven on, the wheel is now scrap, I think I would scrap the nuts as well. On HGV's with higher loads and higher mileages than normal cars it is fairly common for fitters to check the size of the bolt holes in the wheel each time a wheel is removed for any reason, the have "go / no go" gauges to do this (I made a batch for a local workshop a few years ago), a fail and the wheel is scrap. This was bought in after cases of wheel coming off vehicles in use with serious consequences.
  4. From my trips to the US and working with US people, as said it is a big cultural thing, there is a historical element of the citizens being able to over throw a corrupt or controlling government, US civil war wasn't that long a go, there have also been several workers risings where armed workers have stood up to exploitation which amounted to almost slave labour by employers, often the same employers were the government of the time in that area and used military forces to support personal gain. This type of thing hasn't happened in the UK for a very long time, as a separate point the original firearms legislation in the UK was not done to prevent crime but was bought in towards the end of WW1 to prevent a possible revolution by returning WW1 soldiers by disarming the population, with the revolutions in Russia and Germany the aristocracy which made up most of the Lords and parliament at the time were scared. As for what they are allowed to own this varies state by state but there is a general feeling that if they allow restrictions in one element there are powers with there own goals (conspiracy theory in part but not entirely unreasonable) which will use it as a step to push there own goals and move progressively towards a complete ban. History in the UK says this is basically what is happening here, individual horrific events are used to push through laws on a backlash, which mostly wouldn't have actually prevent the incident anyway, which would have been prevented if the laws that stood previous to the incidents had actually been used, (Micheal Ryan and Thomas Hamilton both held licences that shouldn't have been issued if the laws previous to the shootings had been upheld, why they were broken to issue the licences has never been investigated officially). This is getting seriously off topic and away from anything LR related also a bit political so if mod's want to delete this feel free.
  5. You always have to be careful looking at any statistics, if they are come from other countries you need to be even more careful. A higher rate of testing will result in more positive cases being diagnosed for people who only have mild symptoms, if you only test those admitted to hospital (as per UK until recently) then you are only testing those who are already in a bad way so the apparent death rate per positive test is significantly higher. Even death numbers can be affected by the way results are recorded, are you counting those who die WITH the virus or OF the virus, in the extreme someone involved in a road accident and dies but is found to have the virus has die with it but died of being run over by a HGV, this is obviously the extreme but there is always a grey zone. I will openly admit I don't have enough medical knowledge to say where the line is or should be drawn, others judging by there posts are obviously involved in the medical profession so I will leave that to them. As most people will remember a few years back there was a big thing in the UK about banning bull bars (frontal protection systems) on vehicles, statistics were produced that people were more likely to die if hit by a vehicle with a bull bar than a vehicle without, it was very hard to pin down how the statistics were produced. In the simplest form all accidents involving PLG registered vehicles were looked at, in that case its not difficult to see why you are more likely to die in accident involving a vehicle with a bull bar, most vehicles with bull bars will be 4x4's and weight about 2 tonnes or more, the average PLG vehicle will be a hatchback or saloon car weight about 1 to 1 1/2 tonne with a much lower front end, the results for an accident involving a Ranger Rover or a Citreon C1 are not comparable regardless of whether a bull bar was involved. This is nothing to do with the current situation but just an indication of how statistic which are correct in the numbers and can be verified as accurate can be manipulated by the way the results are collected and the data pool used to give the results someone wants them to show.
  6. I am sat at home at the moment waiting on a decision on whether I will be needed for work, a lot of others will be doing the same I know, except I live in Devon but for work I need to fly to Aberdeen (not allowed to drive at all by company rules, got to be public transport so taxi then train, bus, flight another taxi, hotel over night, taxi, then helicopter) and then fly in a very cramped helicopter for several hours with a bunch of other guys who will have also come from all over the country, not the best of situations. My more major concern if it happens will be coming home and potentially bringing the virus with me or getting whilst travelling home and infecting people locally. Whole process sounds like a good way of spreading infection around the country. Still waiting for official information from the company, but if asked I will have to go or face a disciplinary warning, at a time when the price is low and redundancies quite likely refusing anything is something I need to think about and only do for very good reasons. Oil industry is considered essential so by the rules we are allowed to travel but not sure if its a good time to be starting new projects (I work drilling new holes not with production), I expect there will be a lot of meetings going on but it would probable take official intervention to stop new projects and just man installations with a minimum operating and maintenance crew.
  7. If you have more time to look around then the table off an industrial milling machine is great if a bit heavy. T slots for bolting things down, flatter than most other surfaces even when old and you would need to work hard to break it!. The one I got was 50” by 12” and free as a friends work was scrapping the machine, not sure what it weighs but I had to use the engine crane to move it😁.
  8. Oh well that was the only part I could see that even might have been series 2. Guess the new owner has been a bit "imaginative" with the registration then since you sold it.
  9. I know people don't always like questions asked on legality but. How exactly does it qualify as a series 2 and tax exempt ?. Possible the door tops.....
  10. I think some early steering wheels had a 1/4 BSF thread not sure if this would be the same as a UNF for tpi or not with no reference tables handy, to the best of my knowledge this was only early vehicles and quite rare. The spacing on the pullers works for some Massey Ferguson tractors as well, guess they got part from the same place!.
  11. What should happen is they will contact there insurer and get quotes etc, there insurer will contact your insurer and they will sort it out between them with each company representing there respective client, then let you know the amount they have agreed on and your insurer will tell you about how much no claims etc you have lost and how much your renewal will be. As has been said any thing that gets sent to you direct forward it straight to your insurance company, they represent you in any negotiations, the other party should not contact you directly and you definitely should not reply direct, if they have any questions direct them to your insurance company. I have had a case personally where the other driver kept ringing me at home and work to demand payment and demand I sort it out (it was a narrow lane collision which was always going to go 50/50 with no other witnesses, even though I stopped and he hit my car hard enough to push it 3ft backwards he still insisted it was my fault, it did go 50/50 in the end). Reported it to my insurance and still kept getting calls, 5 or 6 a day, in the end had to report it to the police to stop the calls. If for any reason you don't have valid insurance then it get more complex and they can come after you direct for the money, in which case get proper legal advice not some ones opinion on the internet!.
  12. I am with the rest here, why not use the 300tdi, the 2.5N/A is pretty slow and underpowered. As for the rest I guess use the chassis that is in the best condition but grafting bulkhead outrigger on to a disco chassis is not that much work concidering the rest of the cage work that would be needed for a tray back, all the running gear would swap over if needed, keeping the disco brake system complete would probable be best as the 90 would have drums on the back. If this is a pure off road vehicle it is simple if it is planned to go on the road in the UK have a look at the assorted legal issues BEFORE you start, covered in various other threads and places, lots of people ignore them and get away with it but best to go in with knowledge and then make your own decision.
  13. Not sure you look quite that old Dave, it would make you about 170 years old!.
  14. They need to add a line to the "Bad Points" "This is a totally illegal vehicle which will be confiscated the first time anyone in authority look at it." Couldn't see a single series part on it, or even anything that looked close except the number plate!.
  15. I have in the past used a board designed to lay on to be able to roll under a vehicle to work on it (not sure of the correct name) to move gearboxes and other heavy things about, not sure they would be to good for moving an engine as it would be at serious risk of falling over but it might be possible to strap it down. They generally have quite small wheels so not great for bumpy floors. You can get cheap ones quite easily and they are designed to carry the weight of a person so should be up to the job.
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