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  1. If you have more time to look around then the table off an industrial milling machine is great if a bit heavy. T slots for bolting things down, flatter than most other surfaces even when old and you would need to work hard to break it!. The one I got was 50” by 12” and free as a friends work was scrapping the machine, not sure what it weighs but I had to use the engine crane to move it😁.
  2. Oh well that was the only part I could see that even might have been series 2. Guess the new owner has been a bit "imaginative" with the registration then since you sold it.
  3. I know people don't always like questions asked on legality but. How exactly does it qualify as a series 2 and tax exempt ?. Possible the door tops.....
  4. I think some early steering wheels had a 1/4 BSF thread not sure if this would be the same as a UNF for tpi or not with no reference tables handy, to the best of my knowledge this was only early vehicles and quite rare. The spacing on the pullers works for some Massey Ferguson tractors as well, guess they got part from the same place!.
  5. What should happen is they will contact there insurer and get quotes etc, there insurer will contact your insurer and they will sort it out between them with each company representing there respective client, then let you know the amount they have agreed on and your insurer will tell you about how much no claims etc you have lost and how much your renewal will be. As has been said any thing that gets sent to you direct forward it straight to your insurance company, they represent you in any negotiations, the other party should not contact you directly and you definitely should not reply direct, if they have any questions direct them to your insurance company. I have had a case personally where the other driver kept ringing me at home and work to demand payment and demand I sort it out (it was a narrow lane collision which was always going to go 50/50 with no other witnesses, even though I stopped and he hit my car hard enough to push it 3ft backwards he still insisted it was my fault, it did go 50/50 in the end). Reported it to my insurance and still kept getting calls, 5 or 6 a day, in the end had to report it to the police to stop the calls. If for any reason you don't have valid insurance then it get more complex and they can come after you direct for the money, in which case get proper legal advice not some ones opinion on the internet!.
  6. I am with the rest here, why not use the 300tdi, the 2.5N/A is pretty slow and underpowered. As for the rest I guess use the chassis that is in the best condition but grafting bulkhead outrigger on to a disco chassis is not that much work concidering the rest of the cage work that would be needed for a tray back, all the running gear would swap over if needed, keeping the disco brake system complete would probable be best as the 90 would have drums on the back. If this is a pure off road vehicle it is simple if it is planned to go on the road in the UK have a look at the assorted legal issues BEFORE you start, covered in various other threads and places, lots of people ignore them and get away with it but best to go in with knowledge and then make your own decision.
  7. Not sure you look quite that old Dave, it would make you about 170 years old!.
  8. They need to add a line to the "Bad Points" "This is a totally illegal vehicle which will be confiscated the first time anyone in authority look at it." Couldn't see a single series part on it, or even anything that looked close except the number plate!.
  9. I have in the past used a board designed to lay on to be able to roll under a vehicle to work on it (not sure of the correct name) to move gearboxes and other heavy things about, not sure they would be to good for moving an engine as it would be at serious risk of falling over but it might be possible to strap it down. They generally have quite small wheels so not great for bumpy floors. You can get cheap ones quite easily and they are designed to carry the weight of a person so should be up to the job.
  10. From memory I think a 50mm tow hitch will have a flat top with 50mm stamped in it and a earlier 2" ? tow ball will be round. Does this sound right with others?
  11. Don't get me wrong IF this new class is interpreted as you describe then it has promise, but as with politics and laws, the devil is in the details. The reference to production vehicles was an assumption there needs to be some sort of reference as to what a land rover actually looks like and how similar it needs to be. When I tried RTV a couple of times in the mid 90's I was initially turned away in the S1 due to no door tops and no seat belts, seat belts does make sense so no complaint there. I did a couple with traditional leaf springs driving to the site with the door tops and seat belt in the back, fitting them to compete then removing them for the drive home. After fitting the parabolics I wasn't allowed to take part (they were spotted by someone who complained halfway though an event). The events were highly competetive so rules were pushed by a lot and enforced in a patchy way, at least a third of the field were CCV motors which had been road registered and were trailered to and from events. I tried again in the 90 but the bumper was a tubular one so I was not allowed, it was full width (I checked!) but sat a couple of inches above the dumb irons so was declared not allowed. I did point out that a lot of the other vehicles had "standard" bumpers that were bent to a degree they where higher than mine and some had tacked on ends that were quite obviously designed to bend out of the way or fall off as soon as the event started but this was allowed as "damaged". By this time the events had also go to the point they were laid out for the CCV motors so sometimes if you weren't willing to take damage (dents and scratches) it was difficult to even get to the start gates sometimes, and there was a serious risk of a roll over on some parts (it wasn't unusual for someone going out to win to roll at some point). All I wanted was a fun day out and to play off road in a place with others to help if it didn't go well, I stopped going and now just drive green lanes of which there is fortunately plenty round here. With the new class if the rules aren't clear people WILL push them and when things get competative people will start quoting rules and arguing about was is and isn't allowed and at times things can get nasty, been there, seen it, walked away. If tray backs are allowed then someone will push to full space frame and so on, until you get something that doesn't look anything like a standard land rover but does bear a passing resembalance to a comp safari motor if you squint through foggy glasses, there has to be a line somewhere and its where that is that needs to be defined, the clearer theses line are the better for all. Laying out a course that works for a full space frame with 35" tyres, rapid hydro steer, no front or rear over hangs etc but still even possible for a near standard series which fails standard class due to a tubular winch bumper will be a challenge!, particularly after several vehicles with bigger tyres have dug it out a bit first.
  12. I can see what Dave W is talking about with vague regulation, from above, Land Rover drivechain: so no diff locks or ashcoft drive shafts etc, as they are not land rover parts, to me drive chain would mean entire drive chain from engine to tyres. Must retain the appearance of a land rover: so no Disco or Range Rover tray backs, no 100" with series body, no bob tailed vehicles as none of them look like a production land rover. Just what does "appearance of a land rover" mean?, depending on the interpretion almost anything you want, so you might be allowed something one week but not the next with a different official or club, would a tubular bumper be allowed?, they don't look like any production vehicle. On the other hand you would be allowed: long travel air or hydraulic suspension adjustable on the move, full hydro steer, rear steer, any tyre type or size..... or would you??. Going to be difficult for the scruteneers to decide if a modification is safe or not and as Dave W said what happens after a bad accident, hydro steer leaks on a vehicle, steering is lost and spectators injured, courts will have fun with that. At the moment it is so vague as to be effectively useless as a classification since it is totally open to interpretation, this WILL create arguments with different things allowed depending on who is looking at the vehicle and in many cases if you are in favour in the club or not. The more grey areas there are the bigger the problems. Hopefully more detail will be released and things will be clarified as to what is and is not allowed. I have been turned away in the past from RTV's due to parrabolic springs on my S1 and also turned away in my 90 for having a winch bumper fitted so these things DO happen.
  13. We had a warning about checking wheel nuts circulated at work a while back. If you suddenly discover all the nuts are loose it might not be your fault. Apparently when people are looking to steal wheels it is not unknown for them to go round a car park and slack off all the nuts, if they are seen all they need to do is dump the wheel brace and leg it. They will then come back later with a van and can remove all the wheels quickly with less chance of being spotted. Obviously if they get disturbed or you come back first they might not get the wheels off and you end up driving a car with loose wheel nuts. I guess it depends where you park but long stay car parks where what we were particularly warned about. Otherwise been there and done it, had a rear wheel come off when the studs pulled out of the hub (some series studs are screwed in), left quite a grove down the road, drove past a while ago and 20 years later it is still just visable if you know where to look for it!
  14. A couple of trays of salt is a cheap although not particularly fast fix, stick them as close to the moisture as possible, ideally under the carpet. Once they have absorbed water just stick the tray in the oven after it has been used and the heat as the oven cools will be enough to dry the salt out ready to go again, obviously this assumes you have used an oven proof tray!. Should work if cheap is more important than speed.
  15. Never been to Sweden but in Norway don't offer to buy a round in a bar without taking out a mortgage first!. Compared to UK very expensive, last time I was in Stavanger airport it was Β£10 a pint.
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