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  1. Seem to see quite a few newish sellers with relatively little feedback selling what is quite obviously mass sales stuff of various types, all looking very similar and often clearly the same stuff, with the same wording in the descriptions and appear to be the same person or business, they last for a while and then disappear, probable when the bad reviews and complaints start building up. Fully expect the same seller then reappears under a new names and start again constantly cycling through new accounts. Quite a few advertise as "UK Seller" but you look at the business name and its in China, they sell in the UK but then post an item from China, doesn't normally take long before bad feedback builds up. Its the sort of selling eBay should clamp down on but I expect there is quite a bit of money to be made, they take there cut regardless of what is being sold and how good or bad it is so I doubt they care provided they have done just enough to stay on the right side of the law themselves. Had a few good purchases from china, mostly basic stuff, other stuff has been less reliable and a couple of bits were down right carp and in one case electrocuted me so no way that complied to safety standards. Any purchases are a bit of a gamble, you just don't know. The ethics of the region is a personal decision, but bear in mind a lot of the UK sellers and companies will be selling the same stuff just imported in bulk.
  2. Keep a double glassing salesman who cold called on the phone for over half an hour once even passed him over to my "neighbor" to answer the door, we both agreed to have conservatories and agreed for the engineer to come round to measure up, he was quite happy until he asked me to confirm the address and I read him out a lat and long, asked again I repeated the coordinates, then told him he had rung the direct line for a logging unit in the middle of the North Sea and he was quite welcome to send the engineer. He hung up hard!. Kept us entertained for a while though on a quite shift.
  3. Basically it is not what it is claiming to be, as described by others there nothing of the vehicle it claims to be in the vehicle as such it is a fake. This has probable been done to make the vehicle appear older than it actually is, in the UK a vintage vehicle (which this claims to be) is not required to pay road tax or undertake an annual safety check (road worthiness test I think in Aus). More sinister it could be stolen or made from stolen parts although there is no indication this is actually the case for this vehicle. If this is actually pulled up on the road by a Policeman with knowledge of LR vehicles (or involved in a serious accident and investigated) then it is likely to get seized as it is not what it claims, the insurance would be void for the same reason. The driver could get prosecuted for no insurance, no road tax, no MOT as any documents would refer to what it claims to be but not what it actually is. It needs to be registered with the identity of the chassis if that's not modified and enough other parts can be proven to come from that identity, if that's not possible it can be registered under the IVA system (mainly used for kit cars) but this is not cheap or simple (it would probable fail the road worthiness test which is quite involved) and it would get assigned a Q reg plate (no clear age) and be required to get an annual test and pay road tax.
  4. The Discovery in the article was being driven without insurance and the owner already had one Section 59 against him. There was concern as to the road worthiness of the vehicle as there is no way it would have passed an MOT emmisions test This bit makes it a completely different story, shows how misleading these stories in the papers are. I agree with above, I saw the initial story and wasn't to sure what was going on, now I have read through this thread I have a better idea, even without any form of anti social driving (what constitutes anti-social depend on who you ask, for some it is purely the fact someone is there) the vehicle was going to be impounded for the lack of insurance, a "green lane" is a legal road so all road regulations apply. It always annoys me when an article has comments about passing laws to stop people driving on footpaths and bridleways, they don't need a new law, it is already illegal and the people doing it are ignoring the existing laws so what makes any one think they will follow any new ones. Driving recklessly and endangering walkers or causing excess noise is also already illegal, the problem isn't the lack of laws its the fact no one enforces the ones they already have, to be fair to the police lack of numbers generally means other crimes understandably take higher priorities.
  5. Series axles aren't much different to rebuild than Defender ones, different bearings, seals etc but the basic idea is the same. Major differences would be universal joint in the front hub rather than CV joints. Don't think there are any compatible components between the two but they all fit in pretty much the same way, if you have done one you should have any issues with the other.
  6. Have to say there is a degree of honesty there in that they aren't taking money until they actually send something out, it would be more annoying if they took the money and then did nothing. Not great with the time span though!.
  7. The problem with having a vehicle on a "questionable" registration and having apparent modifications, could as you say be someone reporting it and creating problems but more seriously if you are involved in a serious accident (it doesn't have to be your fault) with people injured or even killed the Police (and your insurance company) are going to go over the vehicle very carefully anything not standard WILL be picked up and potentially brought up in court where you need to prove it was good, safe and legal. If the insurance company get a whiff it might not legally be the vehicle they insured they will disclaim and that's just the start of the problems. This has happened, there was well publicised case a few years back where this happened, I don't know the fully details of what happened there but there were "issues" with the vehicle (110 station wagon I think) which featured in the court case. If you are picked up in a vehicle which is decided is NOT the vehicle in the documents then you can face charges of no insurance, tax, and MOT, this happened to someone I was at university with, to be fair it was a ringer, he switched the plates from his dead vehicle to another that was same make, model and colour as his but with no MOT (it was better than his though which did have an MOT!), he was almost certainly reported by a neighbour. I can't see the quality of the workmanship for the pictures but looks go so going to assume it is fully up to scratch, but can you prove it, qualifications etc. By buying from a reputable company you can move any blame of something not being up to scratch with the defence that you bought it in good faith from a known company. My own 90 is rebuilt on a new galvanised chassis and has lots of modifications which are all declared to the insurance company and in the case of the engine change registered with the DVLA, so not against doing a rebuild just make sure it is fully legally covered.
  8. Is it a heavy duty nibbler?.
  9. I have seen that before about only connecting direct to the motor, I don't know how but the ones from Drives direct do allow switching on the machine, they claim you can effectively use them to create a 415v 3ph ring main (provided you are careful with power requirements), the info from the front of mine is below. I use it to run a 3hp mill in plug and play mode and a 7 .5hp lathe in direct to the motor mode. I know in the direct mode the motor runs up to speed gently to avoid a start up surge and the converter will run a motor up to its stated power. In plug and play mode it needs to be able to accommodate the start up surge so will only handle a motor up to about a third of its rated load, I think this depends on the sort of load the motor has on it when it starts up. I have the converter going to a wall socket and each machine wired to a plug so there is no chance of disconnecting them whilst running or connecting them both at the same time, I switch the converter off at its input switch before changing plugs over, I think if I tried plugging the 7.5hp lathe in with the converter powered up it wouldn't end well. I I never quite understood how all this works, just that it did and the info on the site went over my head so would be quite interested in an idiots explanation. I do know that what you said about there being a price premium is correct though!, this one has now done over 10 years with no issues and the cooling fan is the only real noise it makes. Some not very scientific testing with the household power monitoring meter indicates it doesn't draw much power when on but with no load on it, the workshop lights draw significantly more.
  10. Yep should have added that, I have a inverter type and 1ph in 3ph out which also makes it more expensive. I believe some 3ph motors can be run in 230 3ph which takes one step out but not something I have any knowledge of beyond what I can see on google.
  11. I use a VFD to power a lathe and milling machine in my workshop. Not going to claim to be any expert but this is what I found out and has worked for me. There are basically two ways to connect one up: Wired direct to the motor, this means you will be using the VFD to start and stop the motor not the controls on the machine, the advantages of this is the drive only needs to be the same capacity as the motor (or a bit bigger for safety), it can be used to start the motor gently to prevent a start up surge, the controls on the drive can be used to change the speed of the motor. Downside is to shut it down you need to use the VFD controls, you can get control remotes to mount on a machine, the machine shut downs / emergency stops etc will be bypassed. I am sure someone with enough knowledge could work the wiring to over come some if not all the problems. Using the machine controls, not all set up will allow this, the drive will need to be at least 3 times the power rating of the motor, this is to handle the start up draw surge, as drives get bigger they get a lot more expensive but all the original controls can still be used. In my set up I do both, the lathe is powered direct, it is a clutch driven lathe so the motor run continually and the spindle is engaged via a clutch. The milling machine is connected as is and I use the machine controls to stop / start and change rotation direction. The lathe is three times the power of the mill so this works for me but I have to physically unplug the machines to change from one to the other. I got my set up from "drivesdirect.com" and found them helpfully and advised me on the set up options I could use, I use a 240v single input to 415v 3 phase output drive rated at 10hp, it wasn't cheap!.
  12. If you want the drills sharpened let me know, I have recently acquired this, its and Archdale drill sharpener, old and very very heavy. Just got it working with a new motor, the old one probable works but was 3 phase and 550v which is what the transformer was for (any one want a 3 phase 400 to 550v transformer and motor?). It does up to 3" diameter drills, so far I have tried it successfully up to 1 3/4", does a nice job, very strange action, the bit rotates and the grinding wheel spins and moves side to side and in and out. It doesn't do a split point on web thinning, but with a drill that size you are normally going to have drilled a pilot hole any way. Just need to get a coolant feed set up for it. It even came with a free extra, I think it had been there for a while!
  13. I would very much hope the x-ray source has been removed!, I think most newer machines use a electronic x-ray generating system rather than an actual RA source and I would expect they would be controlled to prevent potential misuse if they are still live. It would probable have some lead screening installed though which could add a bit of value to the scrap price at least.
  14. On the safety theme, this has been credited to various people and places but is free to copy as far as I am aware. Anyone who has been in the unfortunate position to see a serious accident or has in the poem walked past a dangerous situation and then heard about an accident there will understand. I COULD HAVE SAVED A LIFE THAT DAY I could have saved a life that day, But I chose to look the other way. It wasn't that I didn't care; I had the time, and I was there. But I didn't want to seem a fool, Or argue over a safety rule. I knew he’d done the job before; If I spoke up he might get sore. The chances didn't seem that bad; I’d done the same, he knew I had. So I shook my head and walked on by; He knew the risks as well as I. He took the chance, I closed an eye; And with that act, I let him die. I could have saved a life that day, But I chose to look the other way. Now every time I see his wife, I know I should have saved his life. That guilt is something I must bear; But isn't something you need to share. If you see a risk that others take That puts their health or life at stake, The question asked or thing you say; Could help them live another day. If you see a risk and walk away, Then hope you never have to say, “I could have saved a life that day, But I chose to look the other way."
  15. I've tried that stuff but never had much success at getting the smoke to go back in, tried wiring harness, grinders and drills, maybe I got the wrong type?.
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