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I would interested to know what is the weight of a standard 3 door 98' series 1 Discovery?

I have been told that mine is 450kg more than standard and that the weight is playing a major part in my high fuel consumption.

The engine is a 4.6Efi hotwire with a Mark Adams Tornado chip and 268 Kent Cam from V8 Developements.

Tyres are BFG 265 75 - R16's on Wolfs.

I'm getting around 250-275 KM to a 90 lt full tank. That can't be right though.

Does anyone on here have a heavier than standard V8 Discovery? What does it weigh and how much do you get to a tank full of petrol?



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Not sure about heavier than standard but, my Discovery has a Bull bar fitted with a Milemarker winch at the front, a steel rear bumper and a cargo barrier inside plus a steel roof rack. So, I assume it's fair to say it's a bit heavier than a normal (and it's an ES 5 door). It's a 3.5V8i fitted with an LE1 cam and performer heads from Steve Lund (yes I know the problem you had). Basically I get around 190 to 200 miles on an 80ltr tank. When I went to the Pyranees in September I drove it very steadily and did not go much above 60 Mph. This returned almost 20 mpg.

Forgot to add tyres are 235x85x16 BF Goodrich Trac Edge.



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According to RAVE, the stock petrol 3dr's weigh 1,980kg (incl fuel fuel tank and 75kg driver). Fair bit more for diseasels. Refer below (Aussie specs - should be similar to UAE). Same figures quoted for UK models. That's surprisingly light. Dry tank and no driver and you're only talking around 1,840kg for the 3dr. Makes a D3 look a bit, um, lardy :blink:

Note also that bigger diameter tyres will generally actually hurt your economy. It pulls the engine down out of it's efficient zone on highway and makes it harder to accelerate the beast from rest. I reckon my 31s are costing me about 5-10% extra fuel over the original 29s. I get between 20-22 ltrs/100kms mainly highway on LPG, for instance (call it around 13mpg), with front&rear bars, side rails&steps, and the gas conversion.


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