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Iveco 2.5TD engine

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Hello all,

I've recently bought a 110 that has this engine fitted and I wondered if anybody had any experience of the conversion? The vehicle was originally fitted with a Land Rover 2.5TD and I'm particularly interested to know what ancilliary fixtures and fittings are likely to be original and what's specific to the engine.

I'm also trying to find from what vehicle the new engine might have been sourced. I think the conversion may have been done by Frogs Island 4x4 but it seems that they haven't offered it for a few years now and nobody there knows anything about them :rolleyes:


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There was a thread running about this paticular conversion on one of the forums only a couple of weeks ago, the chap had owned the vehicle for some time I believe but was having problems obtaining an exhaust downpipe as it is a bespoke part and the original converter does not supply them any more.

Can't be sure of the forum but I think it might have been Mudclub, check it out as it ran for quite some while.

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Thanks chaps. I was beginning to think that Frank was the only person who'd ever had this conversion as everywhere I've asked he always gets a mention :) I've sent him a mail but haven't heard back yet.

Litch, I spend quite a lot of time on Mud Club and haven't seen anything there (I've also asked the same question as above there too).

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I've been checking as well and I can't find it now.

It was quite a long thread and there was a lot of useful information about sourcing bespoke spares etc. It can't have been more than a few weeks ago so I think I will have to go to each forum in turn and do a search for my own posts until I find it.

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