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Wiring in TomTom satnav

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I am currently using my TomTom Go 510 (I think) powered through the cigar lighter attachment.

I hate the bulk of it and wondered if I could somehow attach the cables through a permanent fused and switched power supply so that it was all out of sight but as soon as I put switch on then the satnav got power. If I could then all would be that bit neater and I would be a happier man.

I presume the big chunky bit that goes in the cigar lighter is some sort of either transformer or else power cleaner.

Has anyone done this before and can tell me what I need to do?



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You could still hard wire it in by wiring free floating a ciggy socket behind the dash and permanently plugging the TT into that, just tape it up well to ensure it doesn't come loose. This will allow you to keep the voltage dropper/regulator that is in the TT ciggy plug.

Just wire the additional ciggy socket though a fuse and a switch if thats what you want.

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Thanks guys

I linke the idea of just taping it into a hidden cigar lighter and then wiring up to the dash. I seem to recall there was not a lot of space under the drivers seat in my 90 since most of it was fuel tank but will explore since the battery box is getting quite full now I have got my cut off switch and a 8 way fuse box for feeds direct from battery - all except the radio code, clock and internal LED lighting will be from the other side of the switch so if it goes off so do all main electrics.

Thanks again for the ideas


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