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Ais suspension BANG


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I got stuck in a mud hole on one side and bellied otherside. then a big bang, got it out evetually.. and suspension right down, time for a coil conversion, sooer than i thought... lol

What condition are your air bladders in? When they get old they go hard, perish and no longer extend as far as they should (much like old tyres - they're a very similar construction). You may well just need new bladders, which you can fit yourself relatively cheaply. You'll still need to get the suspension ECU reset at a garage unfortunately, unless you know someone with a testbook/rovercom and the appropriate module.

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Just remember to inform your insurance company of the modification once you have done it.

Also think about the fact that coils have never been fitted to a P38 by LR and that it is not

type-approved with coils fitted.

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