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Discovery Td5 Suspension Lift


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New to the forum and would like some advice from the grown ups please.

Car is fitted with air suspension and ACE and I want to lift the suspension by approx. 2". This is to allow the fitting of larger tyres to give me better under diff. clearance.

Questions are

1/ Do I need to fit longer brake pipes?

2/ Do the ABS cables need lengthening, and if so, how?

3/ What front springs, and shock absorbers all round, have other people used?

Both the front and rear of the car will have steel bumpers for protection eventually and a winch will be fitted on the front as and when needed.

All advice and experience welcome.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all.

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Hello mate and welcome.

I used to have a disco 2 v8, would have thort it would be the same as a td5.

To get the lift i fitted mine with old man emu dampers and springs on the front, as for the rear i used old man emu dampers but kept the airbags. the lift the rear the is a hight sensor bolted to the to of the radius arms i just fitted a 1inch spacer so it lifts the sensor arm up. i found this to be spot on. ( d44 stocks the dampers and springs )

never touched my abs cables or my brake line tbh. had a look at them when i fitted every thing and there seemed to be loads of slack it them, i used mine offroad for a year or so with no problems.

Loved using my d2 offroad tbh had thort of bobtailing it!

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would like some advice from the grown ups please.




I think you should consider adding the steel bumpers first, so that extra weight that they add to the vehicle will be considered with choosing the correct springs.

A friend here in Sweden added 2" springs / shocks to the front (think Britpart, Yellow) and used spacers to lift the rear of the DII. Other than that, he's left it nearly stock and is very pleased with the result.


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