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  1. I honestly can not say. I was in two minds about fitting a set of Cooper STT's or Goodrich KM2's but after having had a set of the earlier BFG Mud Terrain tyres I went with the KM2's - big mistake. On the first journey towing the caravan the combination was uncontrollable at anything over 35 mph. I pulled over and pumped the rear tyres up to about 48 psi and this got us to our destination eventually. On the way home coming down the M52 the tube in the rear near side tyre blew out at about 50mph. I managed to pull over and put the spare Matador Mud Terrain tyre on to get us home. For the 100 or so miles to home the car and caravan were transformed - as solid as a rock on the road. Within a week I had put a pair of STT's on the rear and sent the two KM2's back to BFG. They were not interested in listening to my problems with their tyres but were quite ready to scrap them for me ! - I did eventually get them returned. With the Coopers on the rear of the car we were back to being stable on the road once more. Peter. My apologies to Nigelw for the thread hyjack.
  2. I fitted a set of 235/85-16 Cooper ST MAXX to my Discovery 2 last week and on a 350 mile trip with ice, frozen rain and up to four inches of snow (all of the afore mentioned both on and off road) at the begining of this week they performed flawlessly. They replaced a pair of Cooper ST? (mud terrains) on the back and a pair of BFG KM2's on the front. I've not had a chance to try them in serious mud yet but I am pleased with the way they behave on and off teamac so far. I can not agree with miketomcat regarding the wear characteristics of the KM2's - under 20,000 miles on the pair on the front and they were next to bald right across the tread pattern. The Coopers on the rear still had 3-4mm of tread left on them when they were removed. Peter.
  3. This may sound odd but a while ago the horn on my car blew a fuse for some reason. When I went to engage the cruise control for a long drive home it would not work - pulled over to replace the blown fuse and cruise control returned and has been fine ever since. It may be worth checking. Peter.
  4. Perhaps the rear door is open. Peter.
  5. I did this years ago (sorry, no pictures). I cut a piece of 4 or 5mm thick stainless steel to fit the aperture in the door where the old mirror sat. Originally I was going to bolt the whole Defender unit to this piece of stainless but when it was offered up the mirror head was too high in the air and, to me, looked too odd. In the end I welded a tab onto the stainless plate, cut the mirror arm from it's mounting / swivel bracket (the piece that bolts to the Defender door hinge) and bolted the whole arm plus mirror through the original pivot hole to the tab welded to the plate on the door. You do loose the ability to have preset positions doing it this way but it worked for me and didn't look too bad. Peter.
  6. Check your Mass Air Flow meter, mine went down to 19 mpg on a recent trip to Scotland with the caravan behind, quite a bit of off road driving and a little touring around. When we got home I checked the MAF and sure enough it was no longer giving any info to the ecu. Changed it for a genuine parts unit and on the next fuel check the consumption had dropped to 17 mpg ! I've changed the engine wiring harness (a horrible job on a Discovery) and I seem to be back up to around 23 mpg. If you have any evidence of oil contamination in the red plug at the ECU then I would suggest you change the engine wiring harness as the presence of oil can impede the passing of correct information from the engine to the ecu and vice versa. (I am taking it for granted that if there is oil at the red ecu plug you will change the injector harness) All the above is on a 1999 MY Discovery, chipped, larger intercooler fitted, de-egr'ed and milage corrected for larger mud terrain tyres. Peter.
  7. ".........I've been looking for ages to find 12v one." Dosen't it say 24v on the valves ? Peter.
  8. I thought they were the same. I changed the rear prop on mine from a standard rubber doughnut to one with Hardy Spicers both ends, from a Disco 1, and the prop fitted on the rear of the transfer box the same as normal. If I get a chance, and remember, I'll measure the front tomorrow. Peter.
  9. I had oil dripping off the drain from the centrifugal filter, which is what is in your photo, and I checked for the leak everywhere. It turned out that the O ring on the cover of the centrifugal filter was not sealing properly. I replaced the O ring, which was a new one from when I changed the engine oil and filters in January, with another and a lick of Hylomar and this cured the oil dripping everywhere. Peter.
  10. Try here - http://www.llanidloes.org.uk/glangwy_farm/index.html The ladie's name is Sue Pope. Peter.
  11. I wear mine. Try to find somebody that services the old fashioned roller-towel machines that are still left in use - they often have clean refills that are not in a fit state (tear wise) to reinstall into the machines. For a small token they make good rags. Peter.
  12. Richard is a good instructor with the patience of a saint and some varied terrain - and if you hurry it is not raining at this moment (21:18 pm) Peter.
  13. Or you could make yourself a spot welder. Just as an example - Peter.
  14. There have been a few mishaps during driver training/tuition. Peter.
  15. I didn't think that there were still seven left in useable condition ! Peter.
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