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Road books


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Hi there,

I have never used a road book and I am bit aprehensive about using them. Any idea if there are some for hampshire area and more importantly with instructions??? :(

(by the way - I dont know my left from my right :D )

Or am I just being stoooopid and it is really simple?


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thanks :D

I managed to find a navigator for the Ladoga trip but I bit unsure about the uk navigator. My portals will be on hopefully soon and then here I come - demolition derby!!!!

I might take somebody underage - can use them and abuse them to my heart content ;)

Pay them in mars bars - easy!!!

If they break then just trow them away and find a another one ;););)

Or just wear short skirt and high heels in a bog - can get away with anything .... works with mister Policeman!!!

(oh I am sooo naughty!! ) ;)

If you got an advantage - use it!!

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easy tiger - you need to bed your car down on standard axles before you jump into the big toys, are you painting it pink for the girls team? or sticking with team colours?

two women stuck in a Russian swamp....... thelma and louise with mosquitoes? actually that reminds me of a specialist interest video I saw once *cough* :blink:

God knows what you are going to do for a navigator in the UK though - Im busy in the Jez shed for the next 4 months :ph34r:

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It's not fair !!

I want the big toys!!!!

Michele - I 'm in Hants :ph34r:

Dolly - I'm sure I can persuade somebody to come and play with me, unfortunately the V8 (or PETAL) is still very much multicoluored. Just managed to get a nice military waterproof ?? distributor, need some door tops and nice paint job. You will be comming out and play won't you - cant hide yourself away for 4 month!

How are your portals comming on?

Heard that you have some new Rover toys to go with them?

will attach pics as soon as she is presentable :)

nothing wrong with two LADIES in Russian swamp, I heard that russian men are very polite and do pass the soap when in communal shower :D

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