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Steering problem - help!


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Hi all, my 1997 Discovery 300 tdi has started to make a squealing noise when the steering wheel is turned and the steering is feeling heavy at times. It seems to be worse turning to the right than the left. I've not checked the power steering fluid levels but I noticed there was quite a big leak onto the steering bars that didn't look like regular oil. I'm going to check the fluid level tomorrow and if it needs topped up, is there a specific type of fluid I need to use or is all power steering fluid the same? If is isn't the fluid, what might be causing the problem? Thinking it could also be the belt due to the squealing. How do I check this and how do I go about tightening it up?

Should probably mention that the car is on 98,000 miles, and it has bfgoodrich all terrain tyres on it which prob affect the steering a bit.



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