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Rostyle rims, 750 R16


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Hi, :(

Think I've made a little mistake and bought some 750xR16 Avon Rangemasters fitted on Rostyle rims, trouble is I've got a Series III 109 with free wheeling hubs, I was more interested in the tyres than the rims and didn't suspect they wouldn't fit.

Are my suspicions correct and if so any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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Are my suspicions correct .

Yes, afraid so..... Although I once saw a Series 1 with the centre hole machined larger to allow the wheels to fit, I don't think it is a very good idea :(

Regular LWB or Disco steel rims should be easy enough to get a hold of though :)

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Rostyles look great on a clean and tidy Series truck and can be fit by macining out the center a bit. The Disco steels advice is spot on as well.

:rolleyes: Thanks for all the advice, suppose a set of white Rostyles are up for grabs.

what else do they fit besides a 90, RR classic

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