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P38 diesel

spud murphy

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Hi all, does anybody know if the 2.5 straight six diesel engine of a '99 rangie was ever used in any of the BMW car range?.

Got one thats gone bang and wondered if it would be possible if a transplant could be obtained from a write off. Just trying to spread the net a wide as possible.

Thanks for any help, cheers all :)

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" .. know if the 2.5 straight six diesel engine of a '99 rangie was ever used in any of the BMW car range?"

Well, Yes and No.

The 2.5 in the 38A was basically the BMW engine used in the saloons, I think the car models were 325 or 525.

There were some changes made as it moved into the 38A, mainly to improve the low speed torque, but also (I think) the sump and possibly the oil pump pick up pipe, so that the sump would miss the front axle, and provide enough capacity to pick up oil even when the engine was tilted at Land Rover angles.

Whether there was any electronic changes, that will stop the BMW car High Pressure fuel injection pump working to the 38A engine ECU, I don't know. Might be best to allow for moving the 38A pump from the old to the 'new' engine, if you go the car route.

Does the 38A have an Auto or Manual gearbox? At '99 probably auto.

I'm pretty certain that a '99 38A has EGR as well, and I assume a BMW saloon did, but as well to keep your eyes open.

I'd guess a complete car is cheaper, with what you can sell on, than a bare engine, and should mean you can run the engine before paying for it.

Good luck, and as a matter of interest, what caused the 38A engine to stop working?

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This is quite a common swop,Vauxhall Omega's will also provide a source.Not done myself as I try not to get dirty anymore - dignostics is much cleaner,but I have been working in garages where it was in the process.rom memory quite alot needs swapping over but the trade like it as its cheap way to get cars going again,esp while they are in warranty.

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