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Snorkel on a TD5

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I have just fitted a snorkel to my TD5 and have been suprised at the results

Not that top speed is something I am interested in but it will easily sit at 140kph compared to about 130 previously

Can someone explain why this is ?

Am I right in thinking its got something to do with getting cooler air into the engine ?


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As the temperature here in Dubai is hot or bloody hot them I am sure the cooler air theory is correct

Just an idea, is there any reason why I could not install an additional a/c compressor and divert this cold air somehow to the snorkel ?

What is the volume of air that the engine pulls in through the snorkel ?

Any suggestions welcome


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I think the amount of cooling generated by an a/c compressor would be insignificant in terms of the air reqd by the engine - in fact it would almost certainly make things worse as if you fitted a huge a/c compressor then it would drag a lot of power out of the engine.

A LOx bottle in the back would do the trick though :)

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