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Does 600W and 600W make 1200W


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Hi I was wondering if I put 2 600watt inverters in parallel would it make 1200watts or does it just reduce the voltage drop if they were way way apart? The thought only came to me because if you parallel a battery it increases the ampage, and if you put it in series you increase the voltage, or is this theory different for inverters :blink:

Please change the position of this post if necessary as I wasn't quite sure where to go. :rolleyes:

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worst case scenario, if the two AC square waves are 180 degrees (- i.e. half the wavelength) out of phase, you'd get 0v AC.

You'd have to have closed loop frequency control to sync the two wave forms.

In short, you need a 1.2 Kw inverter!!

:lol: Ok I'll stop tring to think ways to use my 600watt to power big things and consider myself slapped across the face by the "you stupid boy" gautlet :closedeyes:;)

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... consider myself slapped across the face by the "you stupid boy" gautlet

Don't worry... I get that alot when I start asking questions about electrical stuff... It's all smoke and mirrors, you know, and I have a knack of finding the smoke!!! :lol:

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would the rectifier in a DC item not syncronise this or would there be problems before it reaches it, like the inverters just go f off and melt or the transformer of it.

It would die before it got that far unfortunately.

If you have two voltages waving about and one is at +240v and the other is at -240v and you join them together, at best you get 0v, at worst you get fireworks.

Rectifiers tend to come after transformers, and transformers require AC to function.

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