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Cooling hoses

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I have just ordered up X-Eng fan switch and felt it might be a good opportunity to renew all my cooling hoses at the same time since system will have to be fully drained. It is not that they look rough so perhaps it is a silly idea? - any thoughts helpful.

However when I went to look for new ones on web I got confused since there seems to be a suggestion that the radiator to expansion tank is a separate item from the bottom hose.

I know my engine is a 200Tdi (well that is what I have been told anyway :huh: ) but the bottom hose on mine runs from the radiator, up over the steering box and then round to the bottom of the water pump with a narrower tube going off at right angles up to the expansion tank. The joint between these two pipes looks as if it is factory sealed. The water pump elbow and the top pipe look fairly bog standard.

Does it make sense to renew them or should I just cut through the existing bottom pipe between the radiator and the joint off up to the expansin tank (presumably trying to avoid any curve to get good seal and also avoiding the steering box to stop vibration) and insert the thermostatic switch?


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I've just done a part rebuild and din't bother replacing my water hoses as they seemed ok. Oil breather hose on mine were all starting to go though both side of that cyclone seperator.

Gotta stop spending at some point !

Hose that is joined into the bottom hose to the bottom of the expansion tank is about 25mm internal bore and the one from the top of the expansion tank to the top left of the rad id about 8mm internal bore.

Sizes are guessed just to give idea of size of pipe to be looking for.

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Malcy, is your 200Tdi a Discovery version with the long intake chamber or the correct Defender version with the turbo up high alongside the rocker cover ???

if the hoses are in good condition, just add the new parts or if you suspect the hoses are past their best replace all.

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I have attached image. I would call this high up by rocker but perhaps I am wrong.

Does this clarify?

BTW western, I got my Foundation Licence yesterday!

Yours is the correct Defender 200Tdi :D diagram below should help with cooling hoses.

Corgrats on getting your M3 ticket :D what's your callsign ?


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Just a thought based on an idea I read about some time ago (so take no credit for it). If anyone needs to replace that lower hose or is planning on an expedition of some sort then it could be sensible to get someone to make up a metal tee piece to replace the silly union where the expansion pipe is rubber welded to the main pipe. Obviously this involves brazing or welding a smaller outlet onto a piece of larger diameter pipe but is very simple to do. What it means is that failure of a rubber pipe in this area will never result in you having to locate a genuine LR pipe to fit as the 3 bits you will have replaced it with can be got off the shelf anywhere in the world.

Well I thought it was a good idea!

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