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  1. Some TD5's didn't have the 4wd locker fitted. Easy to check for though. I got a 300tdi disco transfer box on my 200tdi defender and its fine. Its worth checking that the 4wd selects easily though. If ya get stuck for this then i do have a good box for sale, only thing is that i am in cumbria.
  2. I'm thinking of fitting winter tyres on my car as my defender is off the road this winter Started to search the net for information on various tyres but it turned into a mare as good snow tyres aint good in the wet which isn't much use either. Does anyone have a good comparison table for car winter tyres ??? cheers
  3. I'll guess at exhaust manifold gasket. Reason is that these can chirp like a tweety bird when not quite sealing right. Reason for only doing it on overrun is to do with the engine leaning in the opposite direction to when accelerating. The exhaust is fixed and the engine moves causing gasket to fail causing chirping. Check engine mounts as well while your at it. Excessive movement from the mounts will cause this to kepp happening.
  4. A few people now do them including ashcrofts who do them for £10 i think. good picture ere http://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php?xProd=97658&xSec=5497 This is for a defender though would need to ask for a disco one
  5. Could be .. they sometimes go with a bit of a clunk.. could also just be badly adjusted
  6. They tend to burst through when the pivot ball gets worn.
  7. The adapter bit for the R380 sits on the passenger side luckily. I'd say it's only about 25mm but the problem is that its the seat box that needs cut away and then the tunnel modified. Its do-able but its one of then things i was going to do but never bothered getting round to it. Still worth the change to R380 though.
  8. The 'thermostat housing' as landrover call it ... the adapter bit that the pipes go in to on the gearbox for the gearbox oil cooler can't be fitted on a 200tdi with a short R380 unless you modify the transmission tunnel.
  9. I have a defender 200tdi with a short R380 and a 1.22 LT230 from a Disco 2. It runs well and i'm happy with it. I've got 235/85/r16 tyres on as well. If anything its slightly high geared especially when towing but nothing dramatic. You will find that you spend more time in 4th than you did and when you get up to a decent speed you've got another gear left to use. And i just never get into 5th when towing anything heavy.
  10. It keeps raining though and its cold and i wimp out I got a rover 416 auto cos i was desperate for a drivable car to run me around. only expected to be driving it a few weeks but no matter how hard i try it just won't tow 3 tonnes. For some reason the auto box just keeps slipping and the engine squeals and i get no movement.
  11. TA that sound like a plan if i can find one cheap enough locally. At least i get an engine at the end of it
  12. Yeah then i could put the 3.9 in my defender
  13. My 90 defender is off the road as i need to put a new galv chassis in it and now that the weather is getting cold, i'm starting to wonder if i'll get it done before winter. I was thinking about getting an old 200tdi disco and running it till i get the defender back, then just scrapping it and keeping the engine as a spare for the defender. My defender is a 200tdi so is the engine a straight swap except for the manifolds ? Are all the old disco's rotten and not worth getting ? Would i be better off with a newer disco and trying to keep it for a couple of years? Should i consider a series or defender instead ?
  14. Yes, and it makes a horrible noise, a bit like mangling metal. Usually this alarm is a bit too late to do any good though.
  15. Sorry I didn't make it clear did i I've got a 591231G on my short r380. I also got the 300tdi onwards clutch pedal assembly to give me the softer clutch pedal. Clutch master is the standard 200tdi. I've not looked at the later slave cylinder so don't know what the differences are and if the mountings etc are the same.
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