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my landy


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Some pics of the landy, some of my garden and tree that fell over.

Did a lot of that last year, pulling down trees. Rope 1/2 way up tree, cut 3/4 way through trunk and a swift pull with the truck. The trees were weighted on one side and I found this method pretty accurate in getting the tree to fall in the desired direction.

Biggest was about 40ft tall and made lots of noise when it came down. :)

Not the recommended method of course :blink:

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I soooooo wish i had the skills to make those boxes!!!!

The big one in middle is bought from mobile storage systems for £200 plus delivery, so about £210 in total and i love it to bits!

The lil one on top of the seatbox is housing my winch battery and its custom built for me. It uses the two fixing points that the seat should secure into so no extra holes. Its a solid steel box with anchoring points for battery inside and then all the visible surfaces are clad with chequer plate. the lid is one solid peice of chequer plate and its held in with 2 bolts that seat secured into side of landy with, my local blacksmith built it for me, cost £50.



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:D thanks - i love it!

I know what you mean about price range - made my bank balance weep buying the mss box but now i have it i wouldnt be without it - quite expensive but sooooo lovely!

theres times a 110 would be handy for the extra room but i just try to think ahead and take trailer - guess how many times i have forgoten :rolleyes:

just wish it didnt have a whine in 5th gear that got soo much louder last september when i towed a caravan from banchory to the lro show and back - just shy of 1000 miles in 3 days!

now just waiting for bank balance to recover and box to get too loud to cope until i go spend some money with ashcrofts


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