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Tight 200TDi

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The 200TDi engine in my 90 starts fine when cold or warm but after having run to normal temperature will not restart if turned off - it feels and sounds tight. Once cooled it starts fine again.

I believe it has been recently re-shelled and so is this the cause?

What action should I take- will it ease off with time?



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Well it shouldn't do that - even after new shells are fitted. My 300TDi is rebored, new shells etc, and it turns fine. It sounds like the metal expands and tightens-up when its warm. I would suggest you try to turn it by hand (ratchet and socket), when it's warm. If you can't, then I would take a look at the crank shells and see what's going on. If the shells are binding, then there's a chance that the crank could get damaged.


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