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LWB Rims Offset vs SWB Rims Offset


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I have just bought a series 3 88" for trialling (RTV) and have been advised to change the front rims from the standard SWB rims to improve the turning circle by having a smaller distance, inner side of nave plate to inner edge of rim. I have been advised the following:

1 ton rims - Perfect but expensive

8 spokes - better but offset varies

modulars - same as 8 spokes

LWB rims - i have had mixed reports.

Can anyone shed any light on the difference between LWB and SWB rims as far as the offset goes, I will be fitting 750r16 tyres.



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So is that 1/2" more on the outside , meaning 1/2" less on the inside as offset is usually measured from outside of nave plate to outer rim?

Land Rover Wheel Sizes

Model Rim Diameter Width Offset Part Number

88 1959-1967 16" 5" 1" 231601PM

88 1967-1974 15" 6" 1" NLA

109 1959-1971 16" 5.5" 1.75" 272309

109, 90, 110 16" 5.5" 2" NRC7578PM

130, 110 USA 16" 6.5" 2.25" ANR1534PM

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