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SCOR Trial @ Brick Kiln 23rd March

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Can you join on the day?

What types of vehicle can enter what?

Be interested to give the 109 a go, as daft an idea as it may be, at a bit of trialling.


Yes you can join on the day. There's Class 1 (RTV - no lockers or fiddle brakes) and Class 2 (Mods - anything goes). If you've got switchable lockers you might still be able to compete in Class 1 providing an official sits in the car with you to make sure you don't use them. Anything with a 100" wheelbase or over is allowed 1 shunt per section.

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Umm, might see if i can get the Hybrid re-mot'ed, funds allowing this month, as i fancy having a go at a trial or two!

Went and watched SCOR at Brick Kiln, about two years, ago, when it snowed, damn cold if i remember!!

I assume mine would be ok, its just a rebodied, full length, RRC, totally mechanically standard!

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Please see the attached images for scans of the SCOR Rules & Regs Trials section. (sorry, no ocr software!)

The trials secretary is Lee Hambridge - 07958 287593. If you have any more in-depth questions he is probably the best person to ask.










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