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p38 and veg oil


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I reckon it would depend on the ratio of veg to diesel. Apart from that, I don't see why not. After all, the BMW motor is of the same vintage as the Tdi and their Bosch pumps work well with veg. What make is the pump on the Beemer?

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i am trying to run a 4x4 for as little as possible, so that i can spend my money on something else (like a lotus 7 and the bowler!) which is why i want a 4x4 perferably a land rover, 3500kg towing capacity. i have had a 200tdi and 300tdi disco and as its now getting difficult to find a decent (non rusty) example i initially thought td5 disco and now tdi range rover. Looking around they appear to be a nice car.

when i was putting veg oil into the discos, i was only mixing 70:30 diesel to veg oil. I wish to take opportunity of the free tax on veg oil upto 2500l. (i think its something like that!)

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My old Vauxhall Omega had the same BMW engine. I only ever ran it on diesel

The guy I sold it to, bought his own fuel down in jerry-cans for his 200 mile drive home.

I forget what it was in the cans, but it lasted 10 miles before it expired on the motorway.

He did say he'd been using the same fuel in an Isuzu 1.5TD for years, but it blew the Omega up.

Be careful out there.


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