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re auto box in a series


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My wife is has become interested in having a 4wd for work as she works on a farm. The trouble is she is only licenced for an automatic. One option would be to sell the Series and get a RRC or old Disco auto but I want to keep the utility of the Series. Does anyone know of an auto box being fitted to a series? Ideally I would like to keep the series transfer box so I dont have to mess on with axles etc, so which box would be the best solution? I was planning to fit a 200tdi over the summer so ideally it would be compatible with this engine.

Any information or directions to information would be gratefully recieved.

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Can your wife not get her licence updated? Long Term that would be the more adaptable solution, whatever her gearbox preference might be. I can't help but think that a big part of the charm of driving a Series motor is knowing what to do with all the gear levers.

The direct answer is that I don't know about putting an Auto box between a 200TDi and a Series transfer box.

I'd have thought auto to 200TDI would be 'not a problem', it's keeping the Series T box that might be more 'interesting', but I'll wait with interest to see what a Series familiar has to say about that.


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I think it is a viable option to fit the autobox - certainly it has been done in the past.

If money is no objcetion then a good place to start would be ashcroft transmissions - they sort of started up by fitting autos into land rover products.

Do mention the idea to use the tdi at the same time.

The difficulty with fitting a manual 5 speed box from a discovery is that it is a lot longer than a series box - so to have the gear leaver in the same place the engine has to move forward.

The disco auto box may be the same, I don't know.

Mind you - moving the engine forward isn't impossible - you do have to do cutting and welding, I think.

Best of luck - I toyed with the idea of an auto - I do like using them, but the manula won it for me on simply because most people can manage a stick shift, whereas the auto wouldn't be familiar to most folk.


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