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Discovery Manual

Rickey Dale Crain

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If you can get hold of a copy of the RAVE CDs then the user manuals are on there in PDF format, though most of the copies of RAVE around will be UK or rest of world, I don't know if they did a NAS version and from your location I guess it is a NAS spec Discovery?

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There are various 'Green Oval' sites concerned with Land Rovers, but this one has a download section for RAVE CDs.


Note this is an 'image' file, you, or someone you know, has to have the computer knowledge and programme to convert it to a CD, which you then copy onto your PC Hard drive.

It's not too geeky, just a step or two above 'casual user'.

The NAS specific RAVE is version 16, but you will probably have to buy that of Ebay, or a similar site.

You can get v16 off UK Ebay, but as most vendors don't know, or won't admit, what they are selling, you are probably best looking on a US auction site.

The UK versions have Technical Bulletins and so on, but only some of the models, whereas the NAS version 16 has all the models, but no Bulletins etc.

Welcome to the Forum BTW, and it's obviously been useful to you so far, but for Country Specific information you might have to try a US forum, although I don't know enough to guide your choice.


Ahh, sorry, just twigged.

You want a Drivers Handbook type thing?

The word Manual sent me to thinking about the full techie product.

The RAVE CDs do have the Owners Manuals included, and you can print those off, but Land Rover have them for free download if you want to be 'correct' about it. (All RAVE CDs are unauthorised copies of Dealer Only CDs, RAVE was never released to the general public.).

http://www.landrovertechinfo.com gets you to the front door, once registered you then select 'Owner Information' (IIRC) and make the appropriate choices from there.

Good Luck.

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You can get the owner manual from http://www.ownerinfo.landrover.com/

Select "Discovery Series II" > "Owner's Handbooks" > Click "Continue" > Select "2001" > Click "Discovery Series II Owner's Handbook - North American Markets Only"

You can save the pdfs 1 by 1.

The last NAS RAVE version is 20.

i aprreciate all the info...rdc

thanks again..

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