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200TDi Defender Gasket Set & other parts


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I have stripped the engine on my 200TDi and so far things are looking good.

Everything is still standard in terms of pistons, big end bearings and mains.

I only need to get the head checked first by a specialist (a few marks where the gasket face directly around the pistons meets the head) and then I am ready to start sources parts.

I want good quality kit for the reassembly and wondered if you have any recommendations for the full gasket set, main bearings, big ends, a set of head bolts and fly wheel bolts.

I had thought of going to the dealership for the gasket sets and the local engineering firm for the bolts etc but thought you may know of good quality suppliers with reasonable prices who could supply everything?

Thanks in advance.



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Grant, Talk to Turners, as they keep all of this sort of stuff on the shelf and are quick and easy to deal with. They were also cheaper than some I have used in the past, certainly for head bolts and the like...

No connection, just a satisfied customer ;)



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I bought all my gaskets, seals, etc from Bearmach, and although they were genuine - they were still far cheapere than going to the main dealer. Strangely though - the crank rear seal doesn't come in the gasket set - you have to buy it seperately. Apparently this is because the seal isn't actually on the engine, but the flywheel housing.


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