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Vibrating pinion in rear diff


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Hey all, I have a loud vibrating noise that comes from the back of my rover and as i replaced the diff about a year ago, i assume its coming from in there. The noise dissappears under load but reemerges as i coast. I think the pinion is not torqued properly and needs to be tightened. If i were to tighten the flange bolt, could i solve this? I dont know the right amount to torque it so i think i would try 1/4 turns till the noise dissappears (plus i dont own a torque wrench). Is this a bad idea? I would like to fix this without opening/removing the diff, but i suppose i could if necessary.



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Remove the prop (since you'd have to anyway), check the UJ's and sliding joint for play/sticking/general knackeredness, then check the pinion flange for play - you shouldn't be able to move it up, down, left, right, in or out.

Oh and when you remove the prop, engage difflock or the handbrake will no longer be stopping anything from rolling away! :ph34r:

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Also, to ammend my statement, it only SOUNDS like vibrating. The car itself does not shake. The soulnd can best be described as similar to spinning the big wheel on a game show where something is continually striking the wheel lightly, or similar to a fishing reel when the line is being quickly pulled out. Thought this might be relevant...?


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