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BFG AT sidewall


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Hi all,

just went to pick up my disco today for a laning trip tomorrow and noticed the front left tyre was a bit low so I put some more air in - as you do.

I checked the tyre out just to be sure there were no punctures and the valve seemed ok, except I noticed a very small dip in the side of the tyre. I could see that there was white rubber just beneath the black, and is about 2mm across 1mm deep and round in shape. I don't think the low pressure was due to this though - the sidewall must be thicker than that before you get to canvas surely??

I know the triple-ply sidewalls on BFGs are pretty tough and can survive offroad abuse. But should I be worried and put the spare on for tomorrow's trip? Anyone had something like this before?


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the total sidewall must be an inch thick- certainly it is on mine.

I have a tire showing white and it's really not a problem- or at least hasn't been!

an inch may be overdoing it a bit a i feel!

If its not showing canvas then they will be fine and legal - the white is quite close to the outer layer anyway IIRC

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White often shows on vehicles that have been kerbed - I have seen tyres that look like the old 60's white sidewall type!

Half an inch would be nearer the mark I should think, but it is a while since I saw one of mine with a split in it and I have no intention of examining one with a knife in the interests of science :)

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Thanks guys.

It really only bothered me because that tyre was so much lower than the others. Nearer 20 PSI than the 33 which the right front is. I had spotted it being slightly lower last time I took it out - about 3 weeks ago. But it wasn't as noticeable.

Rest of the tyre appears to be in good nick. They've only done about 1000 miles since I've had them fitted, so I'd be gutted to have to make a change!!

I've topped it back up, and will check again in the morning before leaving.

Thanks for your help.


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thought I'd give a quick update on this.

Went out laning yesterday to the Strata Florida - great day!

Noticed part way around that the tyre was looking soft again - even though I'd put it at 33psi on Friday.

It didn't seem to get much worse, but cleaning the car at home today, I decided to check the pressure again - it was back down at 22psi.

Then I noticed a crackly sound coming from the wheel. Not a hiss and then I realised that having washed the car, the wheel was wet and at certain points around the wheel rim I could hear the air popping through the water!

So, I now know where the air is leaking from. There shouldn't be anything wrong with the tyre should there? I could just take it to my local and ask them to refit it?

Should I ask them to do anything specific - like extra "glue-they-seal-the-wheel-to-the-tyre-with-type-stuff"?

Hopefully if anyone else ever comes across the mysteriously deflating tyre (that doesn't have a puncture) issue - this thread might help.


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