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Tixover 6th April - Pictures

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Today Hana and I went doing what Dakar's do best... ...Zooming round abandoned quarry's.

And for once we did not forget our camera, only the battery was flat! :angry:

Lucky Hana has a camera phone so we took a few pics for you all.

Tixover Quarry - the easy bit:-


Entry Fee.............£25

Fuel for the day...£15

Jet Wash after.....£10

The look on my face as Hana descents a vertical on 3 wheels, priceless!

The next second the rear N/S wheel was 4 feet in the air!!! :unsure: Thanks Hana!!!

(you can see the dip!.. Ok I know its what you boys do, but this was our first outing 7 grand and 7 months of work..............)


Stuck! and Yes snorkels do like eating dust!


You cant stand Dakar's on the rear bumper ( I hope! ) ;D


This poor old boy just couldn't get his defender to the top of this well rutted and pitted hill.

The organiser told me "Your Dakar looks amazing going up there, so gracefully and effortless, which was a great compliment for HANA as she drove it!!!" :(



This is Hana trying to break my Dakar.... ....jealousy is a terrible trait!


I stole this picture from Chris, I chap I met there, so I will credit http://www.northants4x4.com/


Thanks to my old friend Bob who gave us some lessons and ended up with 2 inches of silt in the foot-well of his Defender. Your phone IS in there somewhere mate! LOL

We had a great day out, there is a burger van too so dont miss out next time.

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Did you go today or new years day two years ago :P

We went to Tixover last year and had an eventfull time. A 90 did a 3x roll over, we pulled a Unimog out the pond and we attempted to go through the section at the back. Wondered why no one was in there, then once we was in I found out why, its a bit sticky.

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