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roll cage


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im looking at fitting a roll cage to my 90 (csw) but all the ones i can find only protect the top of the truck and then go in through the body work just below window height, i was thinking of having one go right down to the rock sliders/rear cross member for extra protection

firstly, does anybody make one?

secondly, is it a bad idea and thats why no one makes one?

i want it more for body work protection than actual roll over protection but obviously want it to protect me when the inevitable does happen,

your thoughts please :)

thanks martin

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Stunnings are good and prices are excellant. As far as performance goes

Jules using his third (IIRC) Stunning cage.

Whether you go in or out of the wings is up to you however if you design the cage right you won't have many problems damaging that part of the wings. IMHO outside the wings cages look :unsure: and give the truck the air of a climbing frame.

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