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Td5 exhausts heating clutch components?

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Guest diesel_jim

I recently had a clutch chanegd on my 110 Td5. since then (Well, i think it started before i had the clutch changed as the synmptoms were still there...ish), when the engine is "hot", as in, dragging a trailer along the M4 for a distance, all the free play in the top of the clutch pedal dissapears (about 1/4" of it)... the pedal becomes instantly "hard" if you press it with your foot. when the engine is cooler (ie, around town driving) then the freeplay comes back.

It gets to the stage (and i'm assuming here that the clutch fluid is getting hot and expanding maybe?) the clutch will start to slip under foot-to-floor pulling away.

I've changed the slave cylinder and flushed the fluid though. i can't see a heat shield was fitted propr to the clutch being changed, and my microcat shows no heat shield (as the clutch slave cylinder is right above the exhaust pipe.

anyone got any good ideas? am i looking in the wring place? surely the clutch plate/cover place can't heat up that much from the engine and cause itself to slip? (and this wouldn't cause the hydraulics to pressurise and take up the free play?)

would it be likely that i should get a heat shield off of an older rover (like the 2.5 D that had them fitted) and stuff one on to see what the results are? :(

cheers! B)

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I'd look at the free play on the push rod from the top of the pedal arm to the master cylinder. IIRC, it should be about 1/16". If not enough, the inlet port in the MC could be closed by the piston and not allowing any fluid to flow back into the reservoir. The inlet port in the MC should allow free flow in either direction until the piston has travelled far enough to cover it and push the fluid down to the slave cylinder.

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Guest diesel_jim

Hmm... i'll check that. when the engine is cool/cold, the pedal itself has a little free play in it, but i spuuose that doesn't neccessarily mean that the pushrod itself has freeplay does it?

I'll remove the little plate on top of the pedal box and take a peek.

thanks for the advice.

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