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Mean Green

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The rear body mounts of my 1996 Discovery have collasped due to corrosion.

at present I do not know how far the corrosion has spread .. ie I do not know the condition of the crossmember.

So assuming the worst and the cross member is shot .. then what should I do. Fix the tdi - which is running well and has 137k miles or take advantage of the bottom falling out of the market and pick up an early TD5.

I am currently building an extension on the house and have a 2nd baby on the way so I do not have time to fix the Discovery myself - it would need to be a garage effort (and I am not sure my welding skills are up to it anyway!). The other major issue is cost - what ever I do I do not what to end up spending good money after bad. (Yeah .. i know .. they are both Land Rovers!!!)

How do TD5 running costs compare to the TDI?

What are the problem areas of TD5's?

What would you do?

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The td5 is a good engine if a little thirsty. It is generaly reliable as long as you keep the electics dry. The only major downer is the price of some of the spares , injectors for example are £350 ish each and of course there are 5 of them.

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Guest noggy

With the TD5 being electronic, you can tune them to give 40+ mpg, which is a fair bit better than a TDI.

The electrics rarely get bothered by water, or atleast ours have never seemed to get any ingress.

When landrover brought out the TD5 engine, they stopped wax oiling the chassis, so theres going to be in a year or so, a hell of a lot of discovery 2's with perfect engines, and rotten chassis.

my E reg 90 has a near perfect chassis with no patches, but our year 2000 disco has a really very rust flaky chassis.

The TDI shoulding be too hard to fix, if money is short (when is it not) then weld up your TDI and save up and find your self a really nice TD5.

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i assume by cross member you mean the one under the rear seat location, looks like a big fat round tube, if this is so i have a 300 tdi disco chassis that im scrapping once weve pinched most of the bits of it the far rear body out riggers were cut off but if you want the other one i meantioned then you can for free yes as i have received bits from other generous members for free im extending the gratitude you will need to collect from stoke on trent or we can arrange a courier ive sent you my phone number on a pm as im busy this week and wont be on here

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