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  1. gearbox box problem

    ahh I see I can get hold of a box but its all the bits that go with it that are a pain to source too like the tunnel, rubber mat, diff lock switch, pipework, hi lo operating arm and gearstick, if he is interested and it has most of those bits on it get him to call/text me. did the pm come through with my number on? thanks wayne
  2. gearbox box problem

    can I ask what you have done with the lt95? I'm in the market for the box, diff lock button, gearstick, hi lo stick, tunnel, floor plates, rubber tunnel cover......basically everything you took out I assume. i have 2 x lt77's here and one is an lt77s I'm told..... also have a tunnel for the lt77 if you want the correct parts for the floorpan. interested in a sale? thanks wayne stevens
  3. 3.5 v8 8.13:1 compression test

    nice P6 by the way, I remember sitting in my dads black p6...good times.
  4. 3.5 v8 8.13:1 compression test

    Quagmire, I thought that, but a p6 dealer pointed out that the p6 intake pipe is smaller than that one I showed in the pic, when I was scouring the internet world I got the impression that the light blue air box in my previous post was fitted on stage 1 v8's, and that with mine being early it may of been what was fitted to it in the factory. You know when you did things decades ago that you thought would improve things that you later regret....that's where I'm at now eg no pics of her when I bought her and many of the original items got rid off over the years......stupid boy!
  5. 3.5 v8 8.13:1 compression test

    thanks Quagmire and Fridge, not had much chance to do much as ive now got the other 300tdi in the garage, however my father and I were resetting carbs and fitting new genuine ignition parts and noticed a carb butterfly screw missing so that's on the list...and the accelerator cable had been direct fitted to the lh carb which dosent give it full throttle oh and burlen fuels have identified the carbs as hif6 not 44, if the carbs were old and knackered i'd be getting recon hif44s but the carbs are like new in and out as for the filter I've seen the defender carbed dustbin air filter but I don't think that was fitted to my 1985 one ten, ive got a pic of the type that was originally on it (the pic is not mine its off ebay)....am I going in the right direction? as I thought mine had the two paper filters in each end with each end being removable.
  6. 3.5 v8 8.13:1 compression test

    hi folks just a question about air filters as I'm going through this thing putting things back to how they should be the air filter should be a huge can behind the carbs attached to the elbows with 2 filter elements in (605191) 1 at either end.... does anyone know what this part number is for the steel casing as ive gone through all my parts catalogues and found nothing. i think quagmire used a p6 one but is that the same as the one I'm after? thanks wayne
  7. 3.5 v8 8.13:1 compression test

    thanks lo fi i'll stick that one on the list. thanks again
  8. 3.5 v8 8.13:1 compression test

    Sorry for the long awaited reply, not done anything to it, the wife has got me finishing the kitchen and the 300tdi is in the garage getting some love and attention. thanks for the advice, done the wd40 test already. tried to run it with a little tweak of the carbs as directed (told to lean it slightly after the lift test on the needles) now the miss is light when cold with slight choke on then gets worse as it warms up with no choke, choke out when warm makes it rev it conkers off, the miss is now a lot worse under load (can drive it cold, wont pull of the drive when hot) started with the basics ...ordering all the service items due to following...found a plug lead broke (pulled of the plug and left the end on the plug), checked and found carb balance awfull, which led to finding that it has the throttle linkage attached wrong, so got hold of a workshop manual and now going through all the basics coil/module duff... seemed to put out less spark the warmer it got. not check vac unit but its on my list After the above I had a chat with a friend that builds aston martin v8s and rebuilds su carbs on aston martin db's and he offered to check the carbs out and do a refurb if needed, he will set them to default while I set about checking compression again, leakdown test, all vac hoses, throttle link replacement, service items inc coil, leads, module etc. how do I check the cams with inlet off? see you in 6 months lol ps I used to get a ping on my email when I got a reply to a post but its not happening how do I get it working again(it partially why ive taken so long to reply) thanks again wayne
  9. 3.5 v8 8.13:1 compression test

    neil'l90 thanks guys neil yes I have researched simonbbc as well as rpi and after this weekend (doing compression tests and leak down) ill consider the purchase of other offending items l90 yes that's what has confused me whether 135 is for my compression is a mystery however I also think mine is fitted with a composite gasket so without a headskim that also makes for lower compression....so the investigation continues... and before I get 'why did you buy that?' , ive paid as much as a rolling chassis/body only so once the engine and box are in the garage the rolling vehicle can recoup the outlay, plus the engine is as sweet as a nut...no smoke...no tappet cam or big end rattles, very clean, no oil leaks, clean inside plus a gungy looking sd1 v8 engine thrown in for nowt and an lpg kit with tank so even if its scrap its only cost me time and thanks again chaps wayne
  10. 3.5 v8 8.13:1 compression test

    perfect thanks flash, no the 2 lower readings were on opposite banks, ill do a proper wet and dry test when I get 5 and really work some numbers out. on the dizzy etc the chap before me had put in a new dizzy, leads and coil before he parked it but I noticed as we were removing each lead to see which one was missing some were sending a real crack of a spark and others were less of a crack as though some leads are weaker. rpi very informative wayne
  11. 3.5 v8 8.13:1 compression test

    hi guys i have got hold of a rough running 3.5 v8 110 van dirt cheap, (misfires until warm then will tickover high but has NO PULL whatsoever and dies) we want to put our 1985 one ten csw back to a standard v8 so don't want 3.9 4.0 4.6 etc etc just a standard 3.5 on carbs....anyhow we did a compression test and 6 bores were about 110psi and 2 bores were 105psi on a dry test but didn't have throttle down. I have searched every where to see if these figures are ok on a low comp engine but come up with no definite answer, also the chap claims that its got 3.9 cams in, does this effect the comp test? if I have missed a thread with all this in please redirect me....thanks wayne
  12. 94 300tdi vibration poss from axle?

    well spare prop has gone on the sliding joint is seized beyond .....so in the bin its gone, just need to order the new prop as this one is just a get me on the road for Monday prop. while I was at it all I noticed I need to order a n/s cv joint as that's got some play and the seals that stop the diff oil from getting to the drive flanges, I did drop in the 2 new rear half shafts while under there and the 4 hd drive flanges that have been sitting on the bench for 12 months, and guess what it now dosent clunk like someone has crashed into the back of me when I pull off. ( I'm shocked how much play was in the flanges and one of the shafts was close to no teeth) so the repair/service list got shorter........then longer again. thanks again guys wayne
  13. 94 300tdi vibration poss from axle?

    update I noticed also that a weight is missing the 4 spot welds are there and a square patch of rust but no weight so that also may have been a contribution. wayne
  14. 94 300tdi vibration poss from axle?

    lads your bang on , we have had it in the garage today taken the prop off an its the uj nearest the transfer box, its knackered but only one of the four bearings are gone so if anyone else gets same symptoms then it may be this, oh and the nearside click is the drive flange ....a lot of play. by the way the slider on the prop is very stiff , do you think this is the cause of the failure? many thanks to the replies chaps. wayne
  15. 94 300tdi vibration poss from axle?

    This morning towing our trailer with 2 ton on, got to the lights then pulled off and could feel a slight vibration, as I changed into 3rd it got worse. If you are coasting out of gear its still there. As you accelerate its less, it gets worse on deceleration. Stopped on level ground with the handbrake off and when I twist the front prop one way then the other itsounds like its clicking at the swivel area. When I twist hard on the front prop it feels like I can click it past a stiff point like its moving a spline one way then back a spline. Looks like im stripping it at the weekend but any ideas? Thanks Wayne.