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  1. wayne1978trucks

    Is This Genuine? 300tdi oil filter housing

    here are some pics of it side by side with my original it did turn up in the brown box with the landrover sticker on it... …. ive also added a pic of the britpart one that's currently available.... is this military genuine landrover item therefore a britpart item supplied to the military?
  2. wayne1978trucks

    Lucas Prince of Darkness strikes again

    Don't quote me on this fully but im sure my dim dip relay on my 94 300 tdi is behind the clocks. no doubt ill be corrected.
  3. wayne1978trucks

    Is This Genuine? 300tdi oil filter housing

    hi and thanks for the advice, I only have the ebay pics to go off so far, im led to believe it will arrive in the brown box but it looks like the same item britpart sell. hey chadler do you think some parts were supplied to land rover and made by britpart? ive heard sometimes britpart items end up being oem or genuine but not the other way around. At £35 it was a steel, he said it was for his army landrover so I assumed it was a part he had bought in the past but now hes got 2 more listed im curious as to whether its genuine or a reproduction?
  4. Hi guys Ive bought a 'genuine' oil filter housing complete with waxtat control and pressure switch, however on closer inspection of the pics it looks like a blue box item. As I once ….. (yes stupid I know)....fitted a britpart oil pressure switch to a vehicle only to find 5 mile up the road my oil light flickering due to oil spewing out down the side of the spade terminal.....I vowed never ever to use any blue box item, so what is your opinion on the pics of the said item? he claims its genuine and was for his landy but hes now got another 2 listed so im a bit suspicious. thanks wayne
  5. wayne1978trucks

    LT95 4 speed Handbrake parts list for 110

    thanks western im rattling the list off now.
  6. wayne1978trucks

    LT95 4 speed Handbrake parts list for 110

    mint thanks neil, Ive just found that page and I think with the pic and your input that's the way to go...….glad I didn't spend £70 on the larger drum now, phew🙂 just confirmed the backplate I have got on the box is AEU2733 and the carrier is the one pictured on page 319 item no 4 thanks again neil👍
  7. wayne1978trucks

    LT95 4 speed Handbrake parts list for 110

    ive just had a point in a direction.....the attached pic is one off a 110 v8 with an lt95. where I think im getting confused is the gearbox that was in the 110 before was a 355 serial number so was prob a rage rover box with a range rover drum. still confused.
  8. Im rebuilding the b reg 110 csw back to its original spec and found a lovely 13c LT95 Gearbox, however the handbrake drum and bits are missing. on looking in all my parts catalogues I cant find a specific list of part numbers, what more confusing is the drum is the huge one that is usually found on the lt95 part num 90576624 but the handbrake seems to differ from range rover classic and 101fc where they have a lever operator that enters the top of the backplate coinciding with a 606737 backplate my backplate has a hole at 3 and 9 oclock which makes me think a standard expander and adjuster were used however the shoes and drum were the larger one. have I gone mad or do any of you know where im going with this the pic on page 434 of my 90/110 workshop manual 1983-1992 seems to support my theory. ps don't know if this is the correct place to post this or whether it should be in part number requests. thanks wayne
  9. wayne1978trucks

    gearbox box problem

    ahh I see I can get hold of a box but its all the bits that go with it that are a pain to source too like the tunnel, rubber mat, diff lock switch, pipework, hi lo operating arm and gearstick, if he is interested and it has most of those bits on it get him to call/text me. did the pm come through with my number on? thanks wayne
  10. wayne1978trucks

    gearbox box problem

    can I ask what you have done with the lt95? I'm in the market for the box, diff lock button, gearstick, hi lo stick, tunnel, floor plates, rubber tunnel cover......basically everything you took out I assume. i have 2 x lt77's here and one is an lt77s I'm told..... also have a tunnel for the lt77 if you want the correct parts for the floorpan. interested in a sale? thanks wayne stevens
  11. wayne1978trucks

    3.5 v8 8.13:1 compression test

    nice P6 by the way, I remember sitting in my dads black p6...good times.
  12. wayne1978trucks

    3.5 v8 8.13:1 compression test

    Quagmire, I thought that, but a p6 dealer pointed out that the p6 intake pipe is smaller than that one I showed in the pic, when I was scouring the internet world I got the impression that the light blue air box in my previous post was fitted on stage 1 v8's, and that with mine being early it may of been what was fitted to it in the factory. You know when you did things decades ago that you thought would improve things that you later regret....that's where I'm at now eg no pics of her when I bought her and many of the original items got rid off over the years......stupid boy!
  13. wayne1978trucks

    3.5 v8 8.13:1 compression test

    thanks Quagmire and Fridge, not had much chance to do much as ive now got the other 300tdi in the garage, however my father and I were resetting carbs and fitting new genuine ignition parts and noticed a carb butterfly screw missing so that's on the list...and the accelerator cable had been direct fitted to the lh carb which dosent give it full throttle oh and burlen fuels have identified the carbs as hif6 not 44, if the carbs were old and knackered i'd be getting recon hif44s but the carbs are like new in and out as for the filter I've seen the defender carbed dustbin air filter but I don't think that was fitted to my 1985 one ten, ive got a pic of the type that was originally on it (the pic is not mine its off ebay)....am I going in the right direction? as I thought mine had the two paper filters in each end with each end being removable.
  14. wayne1978trucks

    3.5 v8 8.13:1 compression test

    hi folks just a question about air filters as I'm going through this thing putting things back to how they should be the air filter should be a huge can behind the carbs attached to the elbows with 2 filter elements in (605191) 1 at either end.... does anyone know what this part number is for the steel casing as ive gone through all my parts catalogues and found nothing. i think quagmire used a p6 one but is that the same as the one I'm after? thanks wayne
  15. wayne1978trucks

    3.5 v8 8.13:1 compression test

    thanks lo fi i'll stick that one on the list. thanks again

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