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  1. Just a quick update gaskets done and its now running alot better in the donor however the brake pipe burst so cant test it on the lane yet, i have also fitted a new viscous fan instead of the knackered electric one, also have a gas analyser on order that will aid me setting the mixtures. i now have a week off but no doubt have a list of diy lined up by the better half. thanks again wayne
  2. Not looked into 'lifting plunger' etc. Take into consideration most things my father and i have owned have been diesels. The v8 and twin carbs are completely new to me. I will do a forum search once back together. Thank you again guys. Wayne.
  3. Sorry about pic quality. Done with phone. I will be doing gaskets over next few days. Thanks again.
  4. Also Guys i wondered, because I have been tweaking the mixture over and over at small increments, would you suggest when ive finally got a setup that works i turn the screws back to the bridge height and back out equally just to make sure ive not gone an 1/8 further round with one of the screws? thanks
  5. Rapid response thanks guys!!! Lo-Fi Ive got no carb cleaner but have got brake cleaner....a little sniff of this drops the revs so i sprayed a little around the pipes and gaskets and the only area it has a difference in revs is at the inlet manifold to head on the LH rear port. So I will get her stripped and new inlet gasket put in place, do you also recommend a smear of silicone on the gasket too? Bowie both of the engine breathers are connected as per standard to the rockers with flame traps (i think thats what they are called) Bowie i will get a pic later but dont judge me on the mess in the engine bay, the engine is being tested and run in in a donor vehicle (which is a knacker) so i dont elbow my wings to death on the csw. One quick question, why when i advance the timing way beyond 8 degrees btdc do the revs keep climbing say up to 14 degrees? my manual says set at 7 btdc but ive heard folk say 8 is better Thanks again wayne
  6. LR101GS probably a late reply, i did realise i had got the bits on a gearbox in the shad as it wasnt the special larger drum after all. thanks for the offer, im sure if you post the bits in the for sale section then you will get takers. thanks wayne
  7. First of all guys ive looked through the forum and cant find a definite answer... We have a 1984 110 v8 low compression engine that ran rough so we checked and fitted the following.... 1. Checked compression, all around 110psi. 2. fitted new plugs, leads, coil, electronic ignition, oil and filter. we then noticed the carbs would not balance no matter what but a previous owner had bodged the linkage and cable and fuel was passing the needle even when it wasnt running. (carbs were incorrect anyhow hif6s) 3. So we purchased a set of SU Hif44s from burlen. We have set it up and balanced it at idle running at about 8 deg btdc and it ticks over beautiful, but when you hit the throttle it pops and farts and wouldn't pull off. We then tried more advance 10 btdc but still no pull however it does idle higher with more advance. We then tried to set the mixture richer and it now pulls alot better BUT the idle has shot up to about 2500rpm. nothing i do seems to get the idle down even unscrewing the idle screws until they no longer touch the accelerator cam. By the way Burlen say the carbs are supplied as standard with correct jets needles and springs, there are no known mods to the engine but all this testing is being done without an air filter on. Thanks in advance for any ideas. wayne
  8. here are some pics of it side by side with my original it did turn up in the brown box with the landrover sticker on it... …. ive also added a pic of the britpart one that's currently available.... is this military genuine landrover item therefore a britpart item supplied to the military?
  9. Don't quote me on this fully but im sure my dim dip relay on my 94 300 tdi is behind the clocks. no doubt ill be corrected.
  10. hi and thanks for the advice, I only have the ebay pics to go off so far, im led to believe it will arrive in the brown box but it looks like the same item britpart sell. hey chadler do you think some parts were supplied to land rover and made by britpart? ive heard sometimes britpart items end up being oem or genuine but not the other way around. At £35 it was a steel, he said it was for his army landrover so I assumed it was a part he had bought in the past but now hes got 2 more listed im curious as to whether its genuine or a reproduction?
  11. Hi guys Ive bought a 'genuine' oil filter housing complete with waxtat control and pressure switch, however on closer inspection of the pics it looks like a blue box item. As I once ….. (yes stupid I know)....fitted a britpart oil pressure switch to a vehicle only to find 5 mile up the road my oil light flickering due to oil spewing out down the side of the spade terminal.....I vowed never ever to use any blue box item, so what is your opinion on the pics of the said item? he claims its genuine and was for his landy but hes now got another 2 listed so im a bit suspicious. thanks wayne
  12. mint thanks neil, Ive just found that page and I think with the pic and your input that's the way to go...….glad I didn't spend £70 on the larger drum now, phew🙂 just confirmed the backplate I have got on the box is AEU2733 and the carrier is the one pictured on page 319 item no 4 thanks again neil👍
  13. ive just had a point in a direction.....the attached pic is one off a 110 v8 with an lt95. where I think im getting confused is the gearbox that was in the 110 before was a 355 serial number so was prob a rage rover box with a range rover drum. still confused.
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