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Head and Brake lights flash when locking


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P38 (2000) Vogue 4.6

Flash acknowledgement on lock and unlock is moved from indicators to head and brake lights.

Have been told by local independent this is a sign of a flaky BeCM and they recommend replacement.

before I commit to a £1000 bill does anyone have any other suggestions or comments?


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It does sound like the Becm is falling over,things like this often happen when valeters steam clean under the seats.£1000 is a bit strong to replace a Becm,shouldnt cost that much.

P38 owners "licence to exaggerate" I guess ... I am actually anticipating the bill to be circa £600 for BeCM plus maybe 2.5 hours at £65 for labour - though if the independent dealer is as good as ever he'll apply a discount for the parts.

Still sounds like nearly £900 including VAT.

There hasn't been any steam under the seats since I had the vehicle (just over a year) but it was very clean when I bought it so it may have been done then - and there have been a number of funnies (or less than funny if you count loss of security link on two occasions!!) and oddities such as erratic driver mirror dip (or not) behaviour, as well as warning lights for handbrake, ABS and TC staying on for 300 yards from start up.

As there is a general concensus on this on both this forum and Landyzone I'll go for the pain and report back for benefit of others.

I had hoped this might be something simple ... and easily remedied. As a caring P38 owner I'm not surprised as there doesn't seem to be much "simple" about these lovable trucks!

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Wrong, don't swap the BECM.

If you have access to diagnostics and look at the settings of the BECM ( I have a Blackbox Solution SV) you can see that

it is possible to select how you want the car to respond to the alarm activation and deactivation.

One setting is the indicators flashing, the other setting is the driving lights/ brakelights activating.

Some how your settings may have become 'confused' and swapped over.

My vehicle has th edriving light/ brake light as th ealarm activation warning, but I can just as easily

switch to the indicators with my SV unit.

as well as warning lights for handbrake, ABS and TC staying on for 300 yards from start up.

This could be as simple as an ABS sensor too far out, or the brake accumulator needs replacing.

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