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MSA Rules on Wiring


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Hi ,

Just about to wire batterys & thought i might as well fit the right colour heat shrink to keep MSA scrutineers happy .

But what are the current correct colour ?


In 2004 it was Red for Positive and Yellow for Earth / Negatives.

Engine cut off must kill a running engine and must have markers triangles showing location etc etc

Unsure if still valid :(



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my 2008 MSA blue book syas

earth cables to be identified by a yellow marking [doesn't specify size or pattern]

external circuit breaker/isolator that must isolte electrices except the circuit required for the fire extinguisher

isolator to be located on the drivers side at base of front screen/ roll over hoop. must have the on/off positions identified & the white edged blue triangle with red spark inside adajacent to the isolator

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