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Quick wiring question

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I have two wires I need to identify. I think they are diff lock warning light and reversing light.

One wire is green, the other is green with brown or brown with green :blink: .

Both have female spade type connectors on the end (originals)

So which is which?

1989 90 CSW.



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Green/Brown trace is reverse lights wiring.

Green is a power feed ignition controlled.

difflock switch only has one power wire the other is earth & attached with a ring terminal to the difflock housing forward inner bolt

reverse light switch uses 2 x spade terminals.

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Now I am confused!

These are two separate feeds, each with one wire as described and with an original femal spade connector (long plastic type housing).

So ar you saying I should have more wires somewhere? They may well be there, just haven't looked closely yet.....!!

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difflock has 2 wires 1 is the power in & other a earth

reverse light switch also has 2 wires 1 is power in other goes out to revesre lights,it's earthed by it's body to the gearbox, see photo below,the 2 wires nearest right hand side of photo.


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Correction to my earlier reply.

Difflock switch 2 wires

Black/Blue trace

& Earth - Black.

tried to get a photo of my difflock switch wires,but it's raining hard & can't get my camera in the right place to take a decent photo.

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