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Some Advice required

Les Brock

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Ok, here we go again......

message from Will Warne Re-my wanted ad

"Les, I've got a V8 auto that's been converted to be used with a 2.5 TD (same back end). I've only got the box and TC but, if you'd like it, you can have it. You'd need to do all the work again to make it fit a 200 but its been done once already.....

If you want it I'd take £150 for the box whole lot including a 1.6 transfer box. I've also got a spare 300tdi flexplate if its any use to anyone."

I Answered to the positive if I could get it to fit......

Will Replied with.....

"Les, what I've got is the autobox with modded bellhousing. The main thing that's missing is an engine backplate and a flex/drive plate (plus ring gear). However, the gearbox may have been re valved (the seller said it worked well with the 2.5TD ) but it has had all the transfer box linkages modified so that's done for you.

Looking at the box its got a modified V8 bellhousing (to accept the starter motor in the original position) so my guess is you'd have to have a V8 backplate modified to fit a 4 cylinder engine. That would be the hard bit. The flexplate and ring gear whould, probably, be off the shelf V8 items and then the only bit you'll need is the adaptor to mate the flexplate to the crank. I'm sure both the backplate and the crank adaptor could be sorted by either Paul Wightman or Tonks but it would probably mean you'd have to do the work at their workshops....... "

Now given the fact that I am to mechanicals what Nige is to wiring....anyone know how/if/how difficult this will be

I have no idea of the differences between the back of a V8 and A TDi, I've never seen either back plates or flex plate....Athough Bish will hint I've seen the back of a Bus :lol:

Adaptor......that's something you plug into get more sockets an't it ? :P



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Les, if you want to give me a call that no problem. The adaptor's just a case of getting the dimentions right (not difficult). Its the backplate that's harder; you've got to get the starter in the right place and then you've got to make up something to hold the oil seal in place. My guess is that the backplate was origianlly a hybrid V8 / TD one. I just wish I'd known more about autos when I bought it, I'd have bought the dead engine too as that would have given the parts to make up a 200tdi fitting kit.

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