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same funny noise


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With reference to funny noise as mentioned in my previouse topic, a popping noise coming back through the air intake, could it be the EGR valve stuck open and exaust gas pumping back into the air intake, I think there is a electronic device with wires, on the pipes coming from the outlet manifold, any help would be appreciated from you experts out there. Regards Tony

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Hi There, I disabled the EGR valve by putting a tin shim between the EGR valves output and the inlet pipe. The 2 bolts on this coupling come apart quite easily. I used the gasket in there to draw around and cut a tin shim withiut the big hole, just the 2 small ones for the bolts. This fitted and the EGR is stuffed. Even if it sticks full open it cannot do any more harm.

Its just a 15 minute job.

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