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Timing belt or chain

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Hi guys;

as my footer says ihave a 2001 td5 truck cab. now i have always been under the impression the TD5 engine has a timing chain and not a belt. i crawling about under the engine a when looking up between the radiator and engine i am sure i could see a belt snake its way through all the timing wheels. would this be the case. either way if belt or chain what mileage should i changing it. i dont off road my big boy he is just used for commuting

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The serpent belt you have just seen drives the alternator, starter, air con, power steering pump. Of cos there's a belt tensioner there too. The timing chain you can't see, until you remove the engine head is just at the front of the Td5 block. There are 2 chains on this block. If you ever need to change this chain, something bad must have happened to your engine block and it's going to cost you a lot of money.

The other reason you will ever see these chains are when you need to re-seal your injector seals, when you have engine oil on the red connector in the ECU. you will have to open up the block.

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